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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscope
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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscope


Week beginning 23 November 2020


You aren't listening to your loved ones. They have some concerns about your diet or lifestyle, and just because they may be old fuddy-duddies does not mean they are automatically wrong. You may be able to smooth over troubled waters with a little extra patience.


You are likely to be spending some more time in the bookstore right now, this time to find a "How to" book for a creative hobby, or an over-the-top wild and passionate romance to read on your time off. You need reading material that is a little lighter than your normal choices.


Your energy has gone down the drain overnight, and you may feel a bit heavy or burdened right now. You need someone to share your troubles with, and luckily for you, you have a good friend who can provide both a shoulder to cry on and some sage advice that will pull you back out of your funk.


Family members may bring unusual news or strange ideas your way right now. Don't fret if someone is talking about a sudden home move. They are likely to change their minds in a hurry and if they don't it will likely be the best thing they can do, despite your misgivings.


You should be whistling a happy tune right now, as the financial, career, financial and investment aspects are turning in your favor. If you don't have any plans, make use of the day to meditate on and affirm your dreams and goals in life, and start working on a written plan for their attainment.


Your kids are driving you crazy if you are a parent. It may be you or one of your young charges has a runny nose or the sniffles and it's slowing everyone down, much to your great chagrin. Don't let it get to you or you could say things you don't mean.


You are looking forward to a little fun soon, but you may find yourself in a disagreement with a loved one over the choice of entertainment or the venue of your next outing. If you are single, you could meet a potential new partner at a sporting event.


An email message from an old friend or older person could contain some very good news. Expect a good news, a proposal of some kind or an offer for a new job, news about a promotion, or information you can use to better your career or business prospects.


A career change could be in the stars. You might find interesting opportunity through friends, companions, or even coworkers or employers right now. Keep your eye open for unusual opportunities that showcase your talents or offer new challenges.


You may be fiddling around with telephone or computer equipment right now. The pesky devices seem to be giving you digital raspberries at the moment. If you can put off a network installation or the purchase of a new home computer, that might make the day go more smoothly.


Listen to that little voice of intuition that sends you off after an unexpected financial opportunity. Your creative skills may come to play in a project that has money-making potential. Let yourself be guided by your intuition. Dreams will be wild tonight.


Really wild ideas are floating around right now. You may find your love life benefits as a result of some information that comes from abroad, but you are at a disadvantage in applying it. Communications devices are prone to malfunction right now.


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