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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscope
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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscope


Week beginning 21 June 2021


You may feel like you did not get your message across to someone, but the effort was not wasted. When you put yourself on the line, when you take a stand, you may not reach your intended target, but you will always reach someone who is inspired by your example.


You need to get out - away from home, and the further the better. If you can't book a tour to Outer Blootavia this week, you can at least get to a cottage, out into the country, to a book store, or onto the Internet where you can spend some enjoyable time dreaming about your next vacation.


Spiritual healing and alternative treatment options may be on your mind right now. You are considering changing your lifestyle dramatically to improve your overall health and energy levels. You may find an exercise that includes music is helpful.


You need to love your work. That's the bottom line. You will either find your "zone" in your current job, find a new job, or start off on a new path, because you will decide that "success" is measured not in dollars, but in the amount of satisfaction you get from a good day's work.


There may be significant benefit in taking up a new hobby right now. You need to reconnect with the Earth. Gardening, sports, or pottery are all good options for creative outlets for your energy. Get physical if you are looking for a way to discharge stress.


The office politics will be interesting right now, but the battle could get deadly if the territory turns to the gender wars. It is a good idea to stay focused strictly on business. A friend may call up with some exciting news that proves soothing.


You can learn a lot from friends and companions right now, both new and old. One of your buddies has their heart set on a match for you, but you don't trust their skills as a matchmaker. Keep an open mind. They could get lucky this time - and it's only a couple hours out of your life.


A warm, friendly person may have more than merely platonic interest in you. You could be the object of a secret passion! There might be not-so secret admirers coming forward right now. Some of them may be a little wilder and less stable than you like in a partner, though.


Learning, studying and teaching together with friends or associates will bring you many opportunities and ideas. There is a flurry of social and mental activity and you may be hard pressed to get everything done in time. You need to be a little selfish and say "no" right now too.


The best thing you can do, regardless of the overall state of your financial health, is to lower your debt load, and save more cash. Not to say that you should not also have investments, but your chart speaks of a vulnerability to high debt payments.


This is an excellent day to have one of those long chats with your significant other that you have been putting off. You have a lot that you need to share, to get off your chest, and you will find that it is a good time to speak your truth.


You will really feel a strong need to take time off from personal chores and work duties to "recreate" yourself right now. Plan for some time spent with sporting or playful physical activity that gets you out of the house and far away from the office.


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