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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscope
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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscope


Week beginning 14 January 2019


You may be in the middle of a heated online argument when it occurs to you that you and your opponent actually agree more than you disagree. If you can stay focused on that, you may be able to turn an enemy into a friend. You may have more in common than you realize.


The phone will be ringing a lot right now, and the wires are heating up with some interesting gossip. There is good news about romance, marriages and relationships, perhaps even some of it coming from you! You are chatty and talkative and that can only help in the romance department.


There is a charity or organization that us crying out for a leader. If you choose to step up to the role, you may find that there is a lot of work involved in keeping other volunteers on the same page. You may not be able to get anything done until a clear leadership structure is established.


Changes in your home or real estate investments will bring welcome changes to your daily life. You may be considering moving to a better neighbourhood, and you will definitely be moving on up in the social scene. People you meet through a family connection could prove to be benefactors or mentors in your career.


This is not a good day to put your house on the real estate market. An application for a home loan, or an agreement with a contractor for new housing renovations may need to be renegotiated. Avoid signing any family or home related documents until a better day.


You want to drive through a big career or social project right now and it seems like there are unexpected roadblocks at every step of the project. Ask yourself if now is the best timing for such a project? Are you pushing to get things done too fast?


You will find that old friendships and relationships are taking an exciting new twist right now. You have been going through a lot of interesting changes and everyone is busy gossiping about that. You and your significant other may have an important announcement soon.


You could receive some challenging news or information about your lifestyle or fitness right now, but before you start reacting, take a deep breath and relax for a bit. Chances are you don't have all the information, or all the correct information, anyway. Things will clear up soon.


You may wish you could escape the office right now. Your energies will be much more active for play and distraction than they will be for focused work or hard labor. You may be able to finagle some free time over lunch or after work for a sporting event.


You are feeling a bit left out right now. Don't worry so much. It's just one day. People are feeling twitchy, distracted and moody anyway, and it might be a good thing that you are flying well below the radar at the moment. Take time to treat yourself right now, you deserve a break and some pampering.


You could be looking at a raise, bonus or promotion soon. There are some really juicy aspects in your financial sectors right now, and it is an excellent time for you to take advantage of an opportunity to make a good impression on your boss or an important VIP.


Money matters are a bone of contention right now, especially if you owe anyone any money. They may be seeking a reassurance that you can repay. You do have support from long-term aspects, any issues that come up right now should be minor and short-term.


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