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Daily Career Astro Horoscope

Daily Career Astro Horoscope
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21 June 2021


At the same time that professional pressure drops, professional confidence should be on the rise. However, as a lot of this was a result of work/life balance reminders that will come around again, there is a chance to learn from this. This gives you time to continue to digest the information downloaded during the Moon's recent visit to your work sector and the window this gave you into income, work and career matters.


After wrapping up its monthly visit to your work sector yesterday, the Moon was always going to leave you with an intuitive read on work and job matters. The difference is timing, with the Moon able to add more layers to the Sun's final hours in your income sector. While the Moon is gone and the Sun will leave today, a better read on income and job matters will live on.


Just five weeks and three days after returning to your career sector, Jupiter turns retrograde today. This will see Jupiter retrograde back out again later next month but in the meantime, with the Moon in your work sector and the Sun returning to your income sector today, there is support as you prepare to go back over old ground.


While the Moon is still two days away from its monthly visit to your work sector and from coming full circle from last month's eclipsing Full Moon, there should be a new sense of confidence. This is partly from having Mars in your income sector but mainly because there is an alliance building between planets on the job and career fronts.


There is a chance today to catch your breath and to let things settle on the job and career fronts. Planets on both fronts have been under pressure and while this is already turning into a new sense of confidence, with a Full Moon on the job front in five days this is a temporary lull before things heat up again.


The Sun's departure from your career sector today might take the solar spotlight off your career situation and matters, as it does at this time of year, but this is still a work in progress. With Mercury staying on to tie up loose ends and Jupiter's retrograde turn today bringing him back into your work sector later next month, you haven't even begun to explore your options.


Five weeks and three days after returning to your work sector, Jupiter turns retrograde today and begins his trek back out again. It will take Jupiter as long to travel back over the ground covered since his return, but it comes just as the Sun's return to your career sector today will ensure you don't lose sight of where you are going.


While having Mars in your career sector has already had a positive impact across the income, work and career fronts and that will continue, there is something else developing. This time, a friendly aspect between minor planets on the income and job fronts is not only creating positive energy on both fronts but is likely to have a familiar feel to it. It could be that there is a chance to return to something now that the conditions are more favourable.


As the Moon clashes with Uranus on the job front today there could be some work tension or job pressure. This is not the same as recent pressure and instead is the Moon's monthly reminder when it comes to knowing when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off. However, it comes as you are getting a better understanding of your needs and priorities on the job front.


The Moon's departure from your career sector was always going to leave you with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled as well as messages and information you can now begin to unpack. The difference this time is that as the Sun leaves your work sector today this allows you to better read between the lines and join the dots. This has helped to balance an otherwise black and white take on work and job matters.


The Moon might return to your career sector every four weeks but it is the timing that makes this ordinary event a lot more significant. This will ensure your professional instincts are sharp as the Sun returns to your career sector today but also as Jupiter turns retrograde in your income sector, giving you an advantage across the income, work and career fronts.


While Mars' return to your work sector has not only energised things on the job but on the income and career fronts as well, there could be a sense that else is developing. This time, it has a more direct impact on income and career matters and while nothing to do with Mars' return, a chance to return to something from the past is happening at a time when the conditions are a lot more favourable.


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