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Daily Friendly Style Horoscope

Daily Friendly Style Horoscope

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Daily Friendly Style Horoscopes


27 June 2019


You will be trying to help someone, but no matter what you say, it is clear they think they are under attack. This is not the best day to reveal secrets or to challenge other people's spiritual sensibilities. Keep your private thoughts private right now.


You and your partner are rather at odds right now, and you could find yourself accused of being lazy or self-centred. Might be right - at least for right now, but then you have astrological permission to kick back and enjoy yourself. Make sure you arrange things so the "other half" can get some extra rest time too.


You have a lot of paperwork to handle right now, some of it will be frustrating and challenging, but it has the potential to have a positive impact on your career goals. Keep plugging at it, the rewards are coming sooner, and they may be greater than you think.


Money makes the world go round, and you are spinning with excitement. A gamble of some kind has paid off in a good luck streak. You should not sink the life savings into a trip to a local casino right now, but a little bit of intuition could lead you to an amazing "win" or "lucky find".


Extra money is coming in, but be careful you don't spend it all in one place, or on a gigantic and frivolous distraction that you will later regret. Go for improvements to your workspace, lifestyle, or necessities such as healthcare or cosmetics, but not for hobbies or "toys".


You could be hit with bad health news - it may be you will be forced to change your own diet or lifestyle, or you might hear about a loved one or friend who has to cope with some challenges soon. If you are feeling well, keeping physically fit is the biggest favor you can do yourself.


You could end up in an ugly war au verbiage online if you are not careful. Your tolerance for baloney is at an all time low. Remember who it is you are tempted to argue with. If they are that out of touch with reality, do you have any hope of changing their mind?


You may find yourself in an order unusual work situation as a result of a miscommunication. If you keep an open mind and positive attitude you may find out that things turn out much better than you planned. Keep?an eye open for unusual opportunities.?


You may have annoyed a friend over a budget or investment discussion, but you'll see an opportunity to heal any hurt feelings right now. You must stick to your position but you can agree to disagree and remain friends. You may decide to forgive a loan.


Financial ideas that seem wild, out of place or innovative could bring you into an exciting series of opportunities. Some challenges are there to overcome, and there will have to be adjustments made in your lifestyle, but the goal could well be worth the sacrifices.


Play, have some fun, get out into the world. Forget about your worries, cares and the minor responsibilities. Take care of the big responsibilities first so you can enjoy yourself without worries. You are likely going to be invited to a sporting or recreational event.


A visit to a doctor or dentist that you have been dreading or putting off may turn out better than you expected. You will find things are not what you feared, or at least not as bad as you feared. In fact, your self-caused anxiety may be worse than the problem.


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