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Daily Friendly Style Horoscope

Daily Friendly Style Horoscope

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Daily Friendly Style Horoscopes


22 March 2019


Whether you are selling CDs to the used CD shop or auditioning for a local garage band, you may make money from creative or musical interests right now. Your intuition is strong right now and you may find money or opportunities to make money in unusual places.


You want to take care of your own needs and issues right now, and a friend may help you see what you need to do to get your self-esteem and inner vision back on track. You are re-evaluating your hopes and dreams for the future in the harsh light of reality. Your friend could say "maybe you are being a little too harsh".


You may find yourself in the middle of a truly delicious controversy. You enjoy the mental aspects of a good argument, especially when you have an appreciative audience. Just remember, there are three "sides" to the story, theirs, ours and the Truth.


Travel and commuting will be a bit of a hassle right now. People will seem to have no idea where they are going and it will be a little like someone switched the rules of the road. People are plain not paying attention to where they are going, and you are as guilty as the next guy.


You may be feeling a bit under the weather, and your work could be suffering as a result. Cutting down on distractions and getting some extra sleep should help, but it appears you are long overdue for some time off as well.


A friend may have some good advice for you and your mate right now. The keywords are "parents", "in-laws" and "family". You may find yourself getting frustrated with an older woman who is important in your life. You and your mate may have to agree to disagree about something right now.


Associates, friends, and people you know from groups or clubs make poor financial partners right now. Someone could disappoint you or be a problem that delays payment. You cannot successfully use "connections" to push for financial advantage right now, though that may tempt you.


You will be spending a lot of money right now, money you likely can't afford to be spending so freely. The most dangerous culprits for taking money from your wallet are travel agents, educators, booksellers and anyone who makes a living at PR, politics, communication or information.


There is big news coming from your family, positive welcome developments in finances or attitudes that brighten your hopes for a better future. You could hear from a friend whose musical or spiritual interests have brought them good luck.


You'll be daydreaming through most of the day, composing songs and poetry in your head while your body makes the motions of a workday. You may actually enjoy this, but others in your family or circle of friends may find you to be a little "spacey" right now.


If you are offered a new job, or if someone in the workplace is talking about big changes right now, take everything with a gigantic grain of salt. Chances are not much will change as a result of promises that are made right now. You may find that for every chore you clear off your desk a new one replaces it.


A friend or companion will bring great joy into your life. If you are single, they may choose to take you out or introduce you to someone who has strong potential to brighten your love life. If you are not single, you could have a wonderful gathering with friends soon.


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