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Daily Friendly Style Horoscope

Daily Friendly Style Horoscope

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Daily Friendly Style Horoscopes


26 November 2020


Communication is the key to resolving a dispute between you and your partner. One of you may be suffering from a long-term medical problem, whether obvious and diagnosed, or hidden and yet to be revealed. This could be the "real" problem or source of discomfort.


Unexpected personal adjustments are occurring because of changes in your family. If you are a new parent, aunt or uncle, you are discovering that there are a lot more responsibilities to be shouldered right now. You may be considering taking classes or lessons soon.


A change in your workplace or employment status you have been dreading could turn out much better than you imagined. If you have been avoiding making changes, this could be the best time to look for new options. A class or workshop could open up new opportunities.


A long-distance phone call could bring happy news about a loved one. Someone may be having a child soon, or you may hear that a sickly child is going to pull through a rough patch. Your spirits will be up, and you will enjoy knowing things are getting better.


You may discover that there is a nice group of people who share your interests, hobbies, or spiritual interests in your community. This could be an incredibly lucky place for you to meet new people, hear new ideas and make new friends right now.


Good financial news perks up your mood and gets your heart pounding. You may be getting a raise, promotion or new job soon. If self-employed, creative communications and publicity are prime areas for growth. Don't be afraid of challenges right now, they are there to fine-tune your approach.


Sudden and unexpected changes in romantic partnerships are possible. You may be demanding and highly energetic when you get home this evening - save a little time and space for romance. Your partner may need more time than you do to "warm up" to your ideas, wink wink.


A friend or companion may be acting strangely right now. On the one hand, they are offering interesting opportunities, but they may be acting like there isn't much benefit to be had. The truth may be that they are not feeling too secure right now.


You will get help from a family member right now, perhaps in the form of unsolicited advice. Just because you did not ask their opinion does not mean they might not be right. Give them a hearing. You may find there is wisdom in their advice, even though it's hard to swallow at first.


A disagreement about a child right now could be resolved by your charm and leadership skills. While everyone will seem tense and on edge, they really are all focused on the same positive goals. There may be chest-thumping but there is energy that can be harnessed for good.


You could have an argument with a loved one about money or values, and it may seriously push the buttons because the other party has no business casting stones from their own crystal mansion. Retreat may be the better part of valour. Rubbing their nose in their hypocrisy could come back to bite you.


Art, music, film or drama could play a special role in your day right now. You may find a TV show or movie to be just the escape you needed to lift your spirits up and reconnect you to your own creativity. Don't go too far out on a limb with a creative project.


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