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Daily Friendly Style Horoscope

Daily Friendly Style Horoscope

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Daily Friendly Style Horoscopes


18 July 2021


You may have some challenges with your significant other and your family in arranging schedules and plans for entertainment and recreational activities. You may be having trouble with electronic devices like televisions, computers and video games.


Your intuition is off the mark right now. You may feel like you are seeing things clearly, but that is not likely the case. Double-check your paperwork, facts, or research before offering opinions. You may come to regret hasty assessments that later on are challenged.


Now is the time to pay attention to the social or emotional needs of your boss or coworkers. The others in your work environment will be looking to you for leadership and inspiration right now. Listen to your own intuition, it will lead you to solutions.


This is a great day to explore new ideas. If you are not already reading one of those wordy self-help hardback tomes, drop by the library and check out the self-improvement section. Pick a wild topic that doesn't really apply to you - you may learn something unexpected.


You may hear good news from a friend who has been trying to get pregnant. Your own chart is highly "fertile" so watch your own birth control if you don't want there to be an accidental addition to your own family. Your creative energies are high, and so is your libido.


Your house, home or family will be a special comfort to you right now. You may feel like you want to escape from the world at the end of the day and just "cocoon" together with your close loved ones. You could be making dramatic and unexpected changes to your home's appearance, soon.


You may feel a bit dreamy, tired or distracted, and it is a good idea to avoid taking any unnecessary medications right now, especially if you have to travel. You are re-evaluating your dedication to your job or career right now, because it just does not seem to be as meaningful as it used to.


Someone could reveal a secret about themselves which proves helpful in healing a hidden emotional scar. You would greatly benefit from being able to confide some of your own hidden fears and anxieties to a loved one or trusted counselor right now.


This will be a memorable, if somewhat strange day in the history of your career. You will be hearing a lot of strange things, some of them may even be true! You have the big idea, the next invention, a hot new plan that could shoot your career skyward.


Some family secret is out in the open now and while it was liberating at first, it becomes apparent that there is hard work to be done to get your life back on track. You may have disagreements with family members over this, or over the changes you have made in your life recently.


Dramatic changes have to take place in your career and work sectors, true, but before you storm the boss's door ask yourself if you are being entirely fair. If you charge in with no room for compromise or "face saving" you could end up with an unwinnable battle on your hands.


You need to focus your financial energies on paying down bills, and setting money aside for savings, but your impulses right now will be to do the opposite. You will want to spend, spend, spend. That would be about the worst way to spend the day - you will find that huge bargain is no bargain.


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