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Daily Friendly Style Horoscope

Daily Friendly Style Horoscope

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Daily Friendly Style Horoscopes


21 June 2021


Find a way to inspire or motivate a friend or sibling to take charge of their own problems. You may be tempted to step in and fix things for them but that will not last. Long-term they need to be self-motivated to truly get over their problems.


You have a challenging time right now getting your chores done. You may find that there are a lot of unexpected challenges, delays and changes to your schedule at the last minute. Keep your cool. The problems are actually a sign that you are getting somewhere.


Your phone will be ringing off the hook with good news from relatives and loved ones right now. You will be getting unexpected news about a romance, or about financing that has come through to help you or a cousin or sibling renovate their home.


You'll be the center of attention right now. You have a strongly romantic appeal, and are drawing potential suitors like bees to honey. Unfortunately, a few of them are the kind of people you can't bring home to mother, if you catch the meaning.


You may be approached by a number of different clubs or groups who want you to help them with some kind of important paperwork, legal decision or documentation. You may be asked to take on a leadership role. There is some kind of entertainment or fundraising event to organize.


Your energy moves from "self" to "others" right now, particularly if you are already involved in a romantic relationship. Things are heating up nicely right now. If you are single, you will find that you suffer an embarrassment of riches - you may be the target of more than one suitor.


You may be asked by a friend or companion if you know of anyone interested in investing in their latest "get rich quick" scheme. Don't recommend anyone whose friendship you value for this dubious adventure. There will be a lot of hills and valleys.


You may want to avoid the news right now. It is not that the news is bad, it is just that the talking heads may get under your skin more easily than normal. Some meditation time might be a better way to unwind.


Sudden or unexpected bills or expenses could come up right now. Don't panic, this is a short-term hiccup, you'll work things out. In fact your troubles could prove to be something of a blessing in disguise. You'll be forced to get creative and could generate a winning idea.


Your mate or partner is the rock in a storm you are seeking right now. They will have just the words of comfort you are seeking. People you work with, and family members you live with, will be a source of arguments, disagreements and distractions right now.


Get outside and play like a child. That is what you most need to get your mood back on the "up" side again. Your "inner child" is having something of a tantrum right now, because you have been working to hard, and desperately need to get in some re-creation.


You are the centre of attention right now, a shining light that attracts both moths and butterflies. Be a little picky about the suitors you accept. If you are single and on the prowl, it will be a chooser's market. The biggest problem may be having too many admirers.


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