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Weekly Money Astro Horoscope

Weekly Money Astro Horoscope

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Weekly Money Astro horoscope

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Weekly Money Astro Horoscope


18 January 2021


The Sun is not going to do a lot more before he leaves your career sector in two days' time, other than hold the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options. An alignment with Pluto and a New Moon his alignment with the Moon created are both behind you but the Sun is holding the light for Venus, who will not only take it from here but exploit the potential.


Until the Sun returned to your career sector in two days' time you are not so much operating in the dark but until the solar system shifts onto your career and professional situation, matters and options not everything is transparent. What is visible is stunning but it is the Sun's return that will reveal the full breadth of what is now possible.


The final hours of the Moon's first visit to your career sector for the year are a treasure trove of information and insight, especially if you choose not to overthink things. After an alignment with Neptune and Ceres yesterday, the Moon is making its final hours more a chance to simply listen to your professional instincts and imagination.


Even before the Moon returns for its first visit to your career sector for the year today there is a need to have your antennas up but with a conscious choice not to overthink things. This is such a pivotal visit, not just because this is the first visit for the year but the first since Mars left that the more you can simply listen to your professional instincts and imagination the better.


Venus won't catch up with the Sun before he leaves your work sector in two days' time but she is benefiting from the spotlight he is not only putting on work and job matters but on career matters as well. The Sun will leave before things come together on both fronts but until then, he is offering a chance to simply observe.


The Sun is still two days away from your work sector and from shifting the solar spotlight onto your work situation, job matters and options but what is already visible is stunning. It is not that you are in the dark and more that the full breadth of 'what' is possible and chances are you are starting to sense, is about to become more transparent.


The Moon's final hours in your work sector are always an important point in any month for listening to your intuition, instincts and imagination without overthinking things. With your subconscious able to download information faster than you can process it at the time, this first visit for the year will leave you with plenty to pick over.


Even before the Moon returns to your work sector today there is a need to have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground. This is not just the first visit for the year but the first since Mars left and a week after the dwarf planet Eris direct turn and the chance this brought to regroup, there is a chance to look at where to from here.


Chances are there is a 'calm before the storm' feeling on the job front, a storm of possibilities that is. As Mars and Uranus draw closer to their first alignment in your work sector in eight decades there is likely to be a sense of excitement and anticipation, but with the laws of synchronicity in effect, all you can do is take a wait and see approach.


This year is likely to feel very different to your 2020 professional year, with that constant need and pressure to stay on top of your game or to always be striving for something gone. This is not a lack of motivation and more the fact that the stars are very different this year and on the job front in particular, a lot less is required to achieve the same if not more results.


It is during the final hours of the Moon's first visit to your income sector for the year that even the professional gods are encouraging you to keep your money hat on today. The Moon is linking into a lucrative sense of direction that you can continue to rely on and trust, giving this professional year something to align itself to.


While the players that gave the year a head start on the income and career fronts are gone, the Moon's return to your income sector today is set to give you an intuitive read on the players here to stay on both fronts. Now that things are up to speed, a sense of direction has been established and the wheels turning, this is more a chance to check in.


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