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Mac Astrology – Modules and Packages

Mac astrology packages and modules produce fantastic personal horoscope readings

Mac Astrology packagesMac Astrology Single Interpreter Modules

Forecast – Interpreter – Click for details

Child – Interpreter – Click for details

Relationship – Interpreter – Click for details

Body and Soul – Interpreter – Click for details

Advance Interpreter Modules

Solar Return – Interpreter – Click for details

Lunar Returns – Interpreter – Click for details

Secondary Progressions – Click for details


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Mac Astrology packages include World Atlas

World Atlas Time Zone, Longitude and Latitude Information – Included with all packages

Our World Atlas package answers one of the most complex questions facing astrologers. The question is a deceptively simple one. What time is it? Today there are over 300 separate rules for Time Zones used all over the world. The Atlas knows them all- from War times used during WW II, to Daylight times used today. Longitude and Latitude for over a quarter of a million cities around the world are also included. This essential data can be entered and calculated with just a click of your mouse.

New Parashara’s Light – Vedic Astrology Software – Click here

Graphic Astrology Edition – Calculations – click for details

Cartography – Astro Mapping – click for details

 Detective – Astral investigator

It’s never been easier to quickly search through thousands of charts. You can search to find clients or friends instantly. Io Detective enables you search using specific criteria. Search by Sign, House, Aspect, Degree, Quality, Element, Name and Date. Io Detective is the perfect tool for exploring the Famous Charts Collection. The Famous charts collection is included FREE with Io Detective.

Ephemeris – An Ephemeris for any Year

Calculate and display as well as print an ephemeris. Ideal for study and teaching.

Famous Charts

Contains birth information for over 3,000 famous people. Here it is, the perfect learning tool and a fun addition to your suite of programs. The collection contains a dozen categories like artists, leaders, athletes, infamous people, and musicians. So, finding an archetype should present no problem. You can spend hours poring over chart after chart studying personalities like Michael Jordan and Mother Teresa. This package is great as a learning or research too!


Linked to your computers clock, so today’s chart is always instantly displayed. Consequently, moving at real time every time you launch the program. If this isn’t quick enough just fast forward into the future or rewind to the past. Find astrological events instantly. Focus on specific planets for greater insight. Customise your charts with colours that reflect your personal style.

PennDragon Fonts

All programs include the astrological fonts Wizardry and Wiz*Cuts. The PennDragon font collection adds personal style and class to the elegant charts created by our programs. Several styles of fonts are included in the package of 12 fonts. They include calligraphy, bold, geometric, lite, script, and other styles. This package is great for desktop publishing and graphic arts work since they add individuality to your layouts and charts!


If you are a seasoned astrologer then you will instantly understand the value of our Io Converter software.

You have a lot of charts. Now you would like to look at some or all those charts from some different perspectives-. It may be just moving charts from Tropical to Heliocentric or Sidereal. You may want to change House Systems. If you must do it by hand, one at a time it can take, well . . . forever.

If you have Converter you can do it fast and efficiently and without all the frustration of one-at-a-time processing.