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Io Forecast – Interpreter

 Accurate predictions for any time period

A Powerful Transit Interpreter that produces amazingly accurate predictions for any time period. View Sample Report

Everyone would like to know exactly what tomorrow holds in store. And that’s the beauty of Io Forecast. The Transit Interpreter is like a window to the future. A good interpretation yields a forecast – highlighting the unique potential for each individual – based upon the influences of the transiting planets’ impact on the natal chart. That Io Forecast does this better and more accurately than any other currently available program is a testimony to the accuracy of its internal equations and exacting validity of its carefully crafted interpretations. However, it’s only fair to warn you in advance. Buy this program and you’re likely to be swamped by your friends, family and associates begging you to prepare their transits.


  • Select all parameters of your search from a single screen, including Orb settings
  • Choose the length of your search from a single day to as many years as you want
  • Create both a list of events and/or a detailed text report – Report length is determined by your search parameters and the time period you are examining.
  • You control the way your reports look from the fonts used to their color, even page color.
  • Create reports ready to print, email as PDFs or deliver as HTML documents.
  • Fully editable text lets you modify your reports to reflect your personal taste or preferences.
  • Includes new TCR “Infinite Atlas” to assure accuracy regardless of where your subject was born.
  • Includes individual license to resell reports you create with NO additional license or usage fees.

Original text by Julia Lupton Skalka, monthly columnist for Dell Horoscope magazine and author of The Astrological Baby Book, The Instant Horoscope Reader, and The Instant Horoscope Predictor.

Io Interpreters are Professional report software!

All programs include the automatic “Infinite Atlas” and the precision “Swiss Ephemeris”

Important Note to Professionals:

All Time Cycles Research software purchases include the individual license that permits you to sell the output you create using our software with no additional license or usage fees.