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 Body and Soul – Sample Interpretation for Bill Clinton


The Sun is the source of your vital power, principally ruling the brain and heart in man and woman. Its sign location (zodiac Sun sign), aspects to other planets, and house position indicate the vitality of the body, especially in males. The Sun is thus the indicator of health in males, while the Moon governs health matters in females. However, the Sun and Moon are important in health matters in both sexes. The Sun signs and Moon signs at birth, along with their aspects and positions, are regarded as the “fountains of life on Earth”. The Sun is one of the vital centers in a star map, along with the Moon, Ascendant (rising sign), and Midheaven (tenth house).

The power of the Sun and how it radiates within you can be thought of as light rays emanating from a light bulb, powering into your body. The Sun signs are divided into the Four Elements: FIRE (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius); AIR (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius); WATER (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces); and EARTH (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). All males born with the Sun in fire signs have the best prospects for good vitality, as light radiates most freely in a body composed of the fire element. Light also radiates freely in air, and these natives are the next strongest, but air sign people become weakened by worry and nervousness. They need rest to recuperate. The earth element for sunlight is linked with the densest matter, gives tenacity, wear and tear, rather than vitality. Theses individuals tend to recovery slowly from their illnesses. The water element for transmission of sunlight gives the weakest constitution, being a more difficult medium to manifest light (except Scorpio).

The Sun is the giver of life, but is quite impersonal in its influence that the average man or woman rarely contacts its higher qualities in a conscious or positive sense. Planetary aspects, even if hard (square or opposite), are better than no aspects at all, as in the latter, the native is hardly touched at all by its influence. This fact is the reason “Sun sign” prophecies found in the tabloids and daily paper make no sense to some individuals. When well placed, however, it signifies will power, authority, and self-reliance. If afflicted by the Moon or Ascendant, it will make the health feeble and the vitality low.

The Sun rules the metabolic fires of your body’s cells. Its placement represents how that energy is needed and distributed. This topic has been termed PHOTOBIOTICS by the author. All biologic life is ruled by the Sun. Your body requires copious quantities of light from many sources to maintain your health, vitality, and beauty. Each Sun sign has recommended foods that tend to foster vitality, as well as dietary pointers, and warnings about certain foods that will disturb your body’s distribution of the Sun’s vital rays, indicative by your Sun’s zodiac placement (the season of the year in which you were born).

In terms of the Zodiac, the twelve signs represent the Grand Man, and rule the different parts of the body, from head as in Aries, to toe, as in Pisces. Thus, there is a zodiacal rulership over the body and its organs. In terms of Sun signs and rising signs, it represents where disease potential exists. The locations and transits represent how an organ or bowel will be afflicted since these are rotating, dynamic entities. The houses at birth, signify why disorders will manifest.

Inharmonious aspects to the Sun are angles and locations of the other planets in their orbits in relationship to the Sun. They are called afflictions. For example, if the Sun is afflicted by a hard angle to the Moon, the health will be weak, and the rays of the Sun will be on the cold side, the eyesight will suffer.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Vitality, the absorption of prana through the spleen, the immune system, heart function, spine and back, eyesight, individual cellular metabolism, the blood and oxygenation, consciousness.


The dominant theme of Leo is to develop one’s creativity and internal power. The mind and heart are polarized in Leo, representing man’s attainment of individuality. The key phrase for Leo is “I will”. This sign represents majesty, power, and dignity. When their egos are turned inward, Leos become self-centered and tyrannical. Leos express pride in every movement. As long as they are in control or in positions of responsibility, their self-confidence is high. Leos whose desires for power and authority remain unfulfilled may develop traits of laziness, indolence, and inconstancy.

Leos are often courageous and bold and even stubborn when plans are not of their own doing. They can also be arrogant and willful, expecting the limelight, and the admiration of others. Their confident attitude may appear smug to others. Their sunny disposition and smiling eyes reflects a sense of hauteur, if not snobbery. The hair is abundant as in a lion’s mane with the chin firm and purposeful. Leo is usually not a tall sign, but very sturdy with an even gait.

The Sun, supreme ruler of the human ego, rules Leo. Its influence gives Leos their true love of life, love through marriage, and its pleasures. They are strongly attracted to the opposite sex. It is easy for pleasure-loving Leos to become addicted to rich restaurant food, and in time they find themselves gaining weight, especially around the girth.

The signs have internal, external, and structural rulerships. Leo represents the heart of the physical system, a fire sign that heats the body and can lead to a loss of equilibrium between body and mind. Internally, Leo rules the heart, spinal cord, liver metabolism, spleen, pulmonary arteries and aorta, superior and inferior vena cava. Externally, the back and forearm. Structurally, the twelve dorsal vertebrae.

Leo colors are gold, royal blue, and red. Their benefiting color is purple which cools down their hot temperament. Leo rules gold, and the birthstones for this sign are amber, carnelian, diamond and topaz. These individuals should remember only to wear these stones if they wish to bring that particular energy into their life. Flowers for Leo include the showy dahlia, yellow lily, poppy (red), marigold, sunflower, heliotrope, orange, and rosemary.


Vine: Dominating, inflexible, ambitious, bossy.

Chicory: Possessive, self love, self pity, seeks attention, dislikes being alone.

HOMEOPATHIC POLYCREST REMEDY: Chamomilla – Used in the treatment of colds and fevers; eases digestion and tension.

CELL SALT: Magnesia phosphorica


AROMAS: Bay, basil, cinnamon, frankincense, ginger, juniper, lime, nasturtium, neroli, orange, petitgrain, rosemary.

PHOTOBIOTICS: Most Leos are suited to vegetarian diets due to their fiery nature. They should avoid meats that are heating like beef, turkey, and lamb. The vegetable foods which contain iron like spinach, kale, and wheat grass are important. Buckwheat, a cooling grain, is suited to the native. Blue fruits like grapes and berries benefit the native. Coconut, nuts, raisins, lentils are beneficial foods.


AFFLICTIONS: Anemia, heart disease, palpitation; spinal disorders, backache; baldness; eye troubles.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Death by plague.


Sun sextile Jupiter is a sure indication of health, wealth and happiness. It gives the person an abundance of vitality and even if unfavorable planetary influences succeed in breaking down the resistance, recovery will be rapid if not miraculous. Equally, these natives are sunny, jovial and extremely optimistic, beloved by those around them, favoring the health and vitality. This aspect indicates the accumulation of financial fortunes and wealth due to hard work and not by the detriment of others. These individuals rarely have to seek opportunities in life. Afflictions however, may point to a lazy native that misses the big opportunities in life.

NORMERGIC TENDENCIES: Generally an abundance of energy and a long life.

SUN sextile URANUS

Sun sextile Uranus makes these individuals intuitive, original, inventive and independent in manner, conduct and personal appearance. They are also likely to be eccentric or different from the norm. Uranus rules the ethers and electricity and these people are apt to be of high-strung temperament but well under control, and rarely show temper or anger. These natives are idealists and likely to be flexible and able to adopt different points of view. Though their reactions can sometimes be unpredictable, they rarely show negative attitudes, and are willing to accept almost any possibility. They are apt to be egalitarian in their attitudes toward society, interested in and accepting of all people, regardless of their backgrounds, race, and culture.

NORMERGIC TENDENCIES: Medically, this is a good aspect for it shows the body is able to adapt to or compensate for defects or dysfunctions as may be found in the rest of the chart. This aspect tends to add rhythm to bodily functions, including peristalsis, blood and lymph flow, nerve fluids.


Your Sun sign indicates constitutional vigor and its elemental quality (fire, air, water, earth), your Moon sign shows the flow of this vital force and your health. The Moon predominates health matters in the female chart, as well as those caught under the influence of its emotional force. A disturbed flow of the vital force, ruled by the Moon, will cause fluctuations in vitality and ultimately disease. Your Moon sign and its aspects shows your instinctive, reflex actions, and your habits (good or bad). Moon patterns are reactions and habits set up in childhood, and become fixed unless acted upon by the individual themselves. Its location, aspects, and afflictions are one of the most important factors to consider in the health chart.

The Moon represents the personal habits, suffering, worry, and disease tendencies. The Moon sign is always very sensitive and represents the weakest part of the body. Operations should not be performed when the Moon is passing through the native’s sign. The Moon rules the body’s fluids, lymphatics, and the natural power of each organ, including its expulsive or detoxifying powers. Acquired and destructive habits are generally under the influence of the Moon sign. It rules the period of life from one to seven years, when so many destructive habits and health patterns are acquired, as for example from the parents or guardians. It shows what type of habits you may develop and how they affect your health.

Moon diseases today predominate the health chart. The Moon has a special affinity for the eyes and eye disorders, defects and errors of accommodation, putrefaction of the bowels, autointoxication; and disorders or the breasts, womb, and stomach. Moon forces harden and crystallize the body with age. Moon dominated persons are inconstant, restless, changeable, and variable, and succumb easily to infectious illnesses, colds and flu. The Moon rules the stomach. Today we see swollen abdomens due to excessive eating. Full, round bellies with visual defects reflect just how Moon bound and problematic the aspects of this orbital body is in the health astrological chart.

The Moon afflicts other planets and signs by its oppositions and squares. Ill-aspects show an inclination to little or no exercise. The less afflictions in the female nativity, the better a chance of a long and prosperous life. The Moon sign signifies diseases that are acquired after birth, particularly due to indiscretions, bad habits, and emotional proclivities. It rules the natural powers and immunity. Cancer, the malignant disease, is a Moon disease, and is prevalent in our mood-based society of foul language, nasty thoughts, toxic diet, and bad habits.

It should be noted whether the Moon is above the horizon at birth (waxing) or below the horizon at birth (waning). The health will be stronger with the Moon above the horizon, rather than below. Hard aspects (afflictions) are not as strong when the Moon in waxing or increasing in light.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: The Moon rules diseases that are periodic, return time and again, as in epilepsy, vertigo, menstrual problems, swellings, migraine headaches, and gout. Rheumatism is a Moon disease, caused by the retention of wastes in the joints and fascia. Cancer is a Moon disease, caused not only by retention of wastes but also morbid bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Moon diseases today are epidemic, as obesity, lymphatic stasis, tissue puffiness, autointoxication, fungal/zymotic disorders, and worm infestation affect nearly all industrial populations. Moon diseases are accentuated by working under artificial lights or at night, drinking water from underground pipes and/or obtained from recycled wastes, eating devitalized food stored in refrigerators and freezers, breathing stale, foul or polluted air; and eating slaughterhouse meats.

The foods and spices that benefit Moon afflictions are those ruled by the Sun and Mars. The Sun produces fruits and vegetables which when eaten raw and/or fresh, will vitalize the individual and ward off disease. The old adage, fresh is best, aptly applies to the health rules.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Lymphatic system, breasts, mucous membranes, menstruation/fertility/uterus in pregnancy, stomach and alimentary tract.



The night is ruled by the Moon, and the Sun rules the day. The ancient astrologers believed that those born during the day are more ruled by the Sun, whereas those born at night are more ruled by the Moon. Moon activities tend to raise the action of morbid germs, while the electric action of the day tends to destroy them. Night activities are less vitalizing than daytime activities. Females and Moon people tend to suffer more at night when ill. Moon people are more restless, inconstant, and changeable. The Moon rules the personality and lower mind, while the Sun rules the intellect and higher mind. Health tends to return when one begins to “see the light”.


Moon in Taurus indicates a native with a gentle, self-reliant and determined disposition. It indicates perseverance, forethought and kindness and therefore the native attracts the good things of life, health and wealth, friends and family, and a good home. The native is fond of pleasure, sociable and hospitable, a lover of art and music and other enjoyments of life. Moon in Taurus personalities have excellent memories. They may forgive but they rarely forget. If afflicted, there are troubles with money matters as they tend to spend too easily for the pursuit of pleasure and luxury. Overeating due to unhappiness is characteristic. Their strong desires for physical pleasures and comforts need to be moderated into more practical affairs.

Taurus rules the throat and when down with a cold or flu, the throat will be a most vulnerable area. In females, this is a sign of disturbed puberty, painful and irregular menstruation and uterine affections. When overweight, those with Moon in Taurus are prone to backache and pains in the feet. The Moon afflicted in this sign tends towards reduced thyroid function and thus propensity to gain weight.


AFFLICTIONS: Troubles of the larynx, swollen and dropped neck, enlarged tonsils, susceptibility to sore throats, vocal disorders (females), shallow breathing, hay fever, rheumatic complaints and hypothyroidism.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Capers, watercress, lemon, pineapple, oranges, plantain, chamomile tea, grape, olive oil, sunflower seeds and walnut.

FOODS TO AVOID: It is important for those with Taurian Moons to watch their diet and craving for wine.

RASHI HOMEOPATHIC MIXTURE: Secale cornutum, baptisia, cocculus, ambra grisea, graphites, silicea, ammonia.


Mercury, when well placed in the nativity chart, indicates a good and balanced mind. It rules the cerebral hemispheres. Ill-aspected and afflicted, it shows a tendency to various disorders of mental reasoning, bad judgment, nervous disease, and tendency to gamble, swindle, insomnia, and a lack of spiritual calm. The location in the chart shows what body parts may be prone to neuralgia.

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, therefore it manifests in diseases related to respiratory and digestive disorders, particularly of nervous origin. Physiologically, Mercury rules the respiration and breath. Mercury afflicted at birth indicates a tendency to shallow breathing. The Hindus believe rhythmic breathing is necessary for direct link between the soul and mind. Unrhythmic breathing severs this connection leading to nervous conditions, those easily influenced by others, proneness to depression, and even insanity. Proper and unregulated breathing beginning in early life leads to a cascade of pathological actions including lack of intellectual development, oxygen deficient blood, tendency to overeat since the diaphragm does not “massage” the stomach due to stifled breathing, lymphatic stasis since breathing opens the lymph channels, and lethargy due to lack of vital force and sluggish pranic currents. Mercury placement indicates much more than the mundane astrology books indicate.

Mercury is considered a neutral planet, in that its transmissions are governed by the aspects to other planets in the chart. When Mercury conjuncts the Sun, the ego is involved; aspected to the Moon, the subconscious and habits; to Jupiter, exaggeration, etc. When Mercury’s nervous messages are distorted by the rays of another planet, inaccurate reception of information and inappropriate neural commands are likely. Simply, response does not match stimulus resulting in unbalanced behavior. If the large planets are involved, this can translate into important health consequences.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Mercury’s chief influence is on the nerves. In regards to aches and pains, the placement of Mercury in the sign of body rulership shows tendency to affliction when ill-aspected. Thus, Mercury in Aries shows the tendency to headaches, in Taurus a tendency to laryngitis and sore throats, in Gemini chest pains, etc. To offset Mercury afflictions and thus reduce tendency to aches and pains, the native must learn proper and rhythmic breathing. Taking up study of yoga or Chinese Ch’i Kung would be of great benefit.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Nervous system, nervous faculties; breathing, the hands, the touch; organs of speech and hearing.


Mercury in Leo indicates individuals with high ideals and aspirations. They possess a positive, strong and persevering intellect and can be outspoken, quick-tempered, but also kind-hearted and sympathetic. When well aspected, these natives have good organizing abilities and make capable leaders. They also have the tendency to appear haughty, proud and passionate. Individuals with Mercury in Leo have no trouble forming their own opinions and ideas. They find dramatic ways to communicate and are quick to refuse ideas that disagree with their own. They love children and are also fond of pleasure. When Mercury is afflicted in Leo it makes the person fickle and inconstant, an unsuccessful gambler, and of a low and sensual nature. This position can indicate back and chest pains. The native would benefit by chiropractic care and regular massage.

SUSCEPTIBLE AREAS: Feet, arms, shoulders, throat.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Backache, rheumatism of the arms and shoulders; fainting, palpitations of the heart, fatty heart, atherosclerosis, arrhythmia; disorders from “high living”, and tendencies to catch colds from nervousness and fatigue.

NERVINES: Chamomile, olive oil.


Mercury sextile Venus indicates individuals with depth of intellect, humor and charm. These natives are good talkers and possess artistic or communicative talents. They are cheerful and companionable with good-natured dispositions and enjoy company. They also have ability for music and poetry. Many succeed in salesmanship, for such people are suave, affable and persuasive.


Mercury sextile Mars indicates individuals with keen, sharp, ingenious and resourceful minds. This aspect makes these natives enthusiastic over any proposition and they possess the ability to enthuse others. They are usually hard workers, being serious and decisive. These people love argument or debate, and they possess good humor, sometimes blended with a tinge of sarcasm. They also have remarkable dexterity and mechanical skills.

NORMERGIC TENDENCIES: Self-reliant, self-confident; active mind and body.


Mercury conjunct Saturn gives depth to the mind, and forethought, but indicates those who may be too formal and structured in their thinking to give credence to new possibilities that don’t fit their preconceived ideas or plans. They are ambitious and want their ideas to be looked upon as authoritative but most of them have very little disposition for engaging in tact or flattery that helps to get their message across. The native also suffers from the tendency to be melancholy. These individuals place great emphasis on being knowledgeable resulting from fear of appearing stupid, or inarticulate, often due to remarks made to them in early childhood. These natives may become mentally arrogant and opinionated which blocks exchanges with other people and associates. They need to learn to be more flexible mentally without adhering to limited concepts or opinions.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: A foul and diseased tongue, halitosis; speech impediment; spinal disorders and subluxations, numbness, tingling sensations; slothful, neglectful; backaches; brain fag, weak mind; flatulence.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Vitamins A, C & P (bioflavonoids) deficiencies; magnesium deficiency.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Green leafy vegetables, squash, citrus fruits, broccoli, whole grains, tea.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Death by poisoning; “Life robbed of its joy”, selfishness, miserliness.


Mercury sextile Neptune indicates a mind peculiarly adapted to the study of the psyche, spiritualism and astrology. These natives’ perceptions are keen and delicate and sometimes manifested through clairvoyant faculties. The native may prefer to work in secrecy without interference or opposition. These individuals are particularly good as magnetic or faith healers.


Mercury conjunct Pluto indicates natives with a penetrating and resourceful minds. They enjoy analyzing ideas, relationships, and psyches. These individuals have a special aptitude for understanding energy, science and ecology. They often have an interest in secret information, metaphysics, and the occult. If other aspects are afflicted they can be deceitful and mentally overbearing.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Of high strung temperament with heart problems, thyroid insufficiency; multiple sclerosis; constipation or sluggish peristalsis.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Severe deficiencies of vitamins A & D, iodine, magnesium.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Squash, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, tea, whole grain.



From the days of Hippocrates, father of Western medicine (Fifth century B. C.), the ancients emphasized the value of diet and exercise as the prime methods of restoration of health and longevity. The ancient figurines of women, known as the “Venus statues”, depict a bottom heavy, obese figure of a woman. Some of these Paleolithic figurines are believed to be more than 20,000 years old. They are found in all areas of Europe, as far away as Russia, and they all show women with huge, fat hips and buttocks. Today, it is known as the “Venus Syndrome”, the connection between Venus and the lower body fat, today referred to as “cellulite” – the thickening and laxity of connective tissue beneath the skin, around gelatinous pockets of fat, which traps toxic matter and body wastes.

Venus is the principle of harmony, equilibrium, homeostasis, and thus rules the body’s hormonal secretions. The Moon and Venus rule strongly over the affairs and health of women. It rules over all regulatory and secretory functions, especially the female sexual hormones. It rules the chemical composition of the body’s fluids, acidity and alkalinity, sodium-potassium balance, and the other mineral ions. The planet is basically benefic in action, but in hard aspect frequently points to numerous little disorders, showing a general relaxation of the system and body tone, but eventually debilitates the native as the years pass. Its afflictions are generally maladies due to indiscretions in diet and habit.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Venus has traditionally been associated with diabetes. Hard aspects to Venus point to lack of homeostasis, lack of tone, congestion and swelling of the body’s tissues; cyst formation; and kidney disorders. Venus also rules over the veins and indicates such disorders as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, vascular spiders, etc.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Homeostasis, hormonal balance, ovaries, kidneys, venous system, tissue tone, nutritional functions, skin and complexion.


This position indicates individuals with pure and refined affection, fruitful and congenial marriages, or successful partnerships. It also indicates their ability to express themselves in forms of music, poetry, singing and the fine arts. In a public career, they are likely to associate with philosophical and artistic people. If well aspected, these natives are capable speakers who can be assured of enjoying appreciation from their audiences. This position can indicate kidney disorders in general. The native should drink distilled or reverse osmotic water to keep the kidney’s filtration potential clear and clean. Skin disorders are possible due to kidney overload, putting a burden on the sweat glands to excrete toxins. Hot saunas to purge the skin and impurities of the blood are indicated. The native should avoid using tallow based bar soaps as it tends to plug the pores and reduce the elimination of toxins from the sweat.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Diabetes, edema, uremia and kidney disease from gluttony, craving of sweets; skin disorders, sores, ulcers.

ASTRINGENTS/TONICS: Thyme, spearmint.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Self-indulgence.

SUSCEPTIBLE AREAS: Head, small intestines.

VENUS conjunct MARS

Venus conjunct Mars is considered either a good aspect or bad aspect according to the matter under interpretation. Venus indicates a moderation of the Martian rudeness, making the native more kind and polite. But the conjunction also creates a potential for one to be overly sexual, especially when the conjunction is in Scorpio or Leo, or the fifth or eighth houses. In Pisces or the twelfth house, the native is apt to be self-indulgent or self-abusive. The native may be quite attractive to others as it indicates warmth in the aura. Therefore, the sign and house position must be studied for a more in depth interpretation of this aspect.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Phlebitis, obesity, hair loss; fibroid tumors; impotence; diseases due to negligence and pursuit of pleasure; reduced libido due to nutritional deficiency; adrenal fatigue; premature wrinkling of skin, keloids, scars from burns; arteriosclerosis.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Deficiencies of vitamin E and essential fatty acids (vitamin F – linoleic and linolenic acids), folic acid, selenium, vitamin B12, niacin (B-3), iron, molybdenum. The native should moderate the craving for sweets.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Brown rice, wheat germ, green leafy vegetables, kidney beans, raisins.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Given to sensual pleasures, self-indulgent; liable to be led astray in female nativities; subject to many temptations along moral lines; death by fire.


Venus conjunct Neptune implies that the native may be deceived in romantic relationships. An almost hypnotic power of attraction can be exerted by the native, for good or for bad depending upon the other aspects. On the positive side, the native may express the highest and purest form of love with far reaching emotional rapport.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Reduced thymus function and immunity; pigmentation changes during pregnancy; skin cancers; irregular or upset metabolism made worse by consumption of rancid fats and junk food; poisoning from hard metals, copper, or lead as found in tap waters; alcoholism or drug abuse; parasite infections.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Deficiencies of niacin, pantothenic acid.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Mushrooms, bran, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Unnatural behaviors and appetites; given to sensual pleasures, self-indulgent, sexual problems out of past experiences, debaucheries; escapism in order to avoid harsh realities of life.


Venus sextile Pluto indicates that those with this aspect are powerful and intense individuals that may use their intelligence and intuition to control others. These natives must learn, however, that those who seek control, at some point end up being controlled themselves.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Feelings of ordained marriage; creativity with art and music; scientific abilities.


Mars is known as the “lesser unfortunate”, and Saturn is known as the “greater unfortunate”, as both are considered malefic planets. The action of Mars is acute and violent, heating, inflammatory, and febrile. Mars rules one’s physical energy, expressed as either self-assertiveness and healthy efforts, or aggression and hostility. Mars actions include arousal, erection, and penetration. Mars diseases are traumatic, contagious, burning, blistering, leaving scars, pock marks, and disfigurements. They are diseases that arise from anger, frustration, madness, and wickedness. When Mars is well aspected, it shows a strong constitution, good physical endurance and independence. Natives under strong benefic influence are practical, handle instruments well, and make good surgeons and dentists. When unfavorably aspected, the native is prone to fits of fury, argumentative, and liable to accidents.

Esoterically speaking, Mars, like the Moon, is one of the planets that loses its influence as spiritual faculties are developed. It is a planetary influence where its principal expression – anger – always brings reciprocal negative reactions of the worst kind. To better understand its influence in the native, the house location indicates the external conditions in the life of the native that needs spiritual development. The zodiac sign location of Mars indicates the body’s susceptible areas where the negative emotion of anger will raise havoc and disorder.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Inflammations and scars on the body parts ruled by the zodiac sign or house of its placement; alterations in blood chemistry, especially glucose, calcium, magnesium; geloses and myogeloses in muscular tissues; liver torpidity and congestion; genitourinary infections; hypertension and hypertensive headaches, migraine.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Body heat, inflammatory response, adrenal function, formation of hemoglobin and blood clots, digestion of food, muscular activity, glycogen storage and liver function, genitals.


The natives who have Mars in Libra usually possess refined tastes, intuitive minds and an idealistic temperament. When well-aspected, it indicates an ardent nature who is greatly attracted to the opposite sex and therefore inclines to an early marriage. The faculties of perception, observation and clear vision may also be well developed in these individuals. They are enthusiastic lovers of art and beauty and are popular with the public, or in societies of a social or religious nature. This location of Mars is ideal for a lawyer or surgeon and indicates many friends among scientific, religious, philosophic, legal or business people. These people are good strategists, able to accomplish things through diplomacy and charm instead of physical force. If Mars is afflicted, it makes such people very unpopular and subjects them to the opposition and criticism of the community; and to scandal due to unfaithfulness in marriage or business partners. Mars afflicted by Uranus or Saturn is a true sign of separation, broken ties, unsuccessful lawsuits and all things for which the seventh house stands. An afflicted Mars in Libra usually causes kidney or urinary complaints, especially after injury. The native should drink adequate amounts of water (6-8) glasses daily to keep the kidney channels clear and clean.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Diabetes, liver and kidney disease, nephritis; skin eruptions, sores and ulcers related to renal dysfunction; facial neuralgia; back pains; venereal infections, syphilis; itching and burning sensations in the eyes.

ANTIPHLOGISTICS/COOLANTS: Apple juice, passion fruit, mango, feverfew, vervain.

VULNERARIES: Comfrey, eucalyptus.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Death by assassination; given to sensual pleasures.

SUSCEPTIBLE AREAS: Feet, kidneys, sex organs, skin.


Mars conjunct Neptune makes the nature coarse, sensual, impulsive and militant. The native is apt to be extravagant in speech and action, and self-indulgent. It gives a fanatical spirit which may express itself in either religion, spiritualism or even atheism. It gives a tendency to lawlessness and participation in political schemes or plots. It also indicates those with a tendency to harbor self-delusions caused by basic insecurities. On the positive side, the native may have strong psychic tendencies and the ability to heal. There may be exotic or peculiar romantic and emotional desires.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Poor healing response; combined streptococcal and staphylococal infections; tuberculosis, “galloping consumption”; neurosis; cancer; susceptible to poisoning, especially aluminum; lymphatic stasis and reduced immunity, prone to infectious diseases; sensitivity to drugs.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Deficiencies of pantothenic acid, folic acid, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B-12.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Green leafy vegetables, broccoli, kidney beans, raisins.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Coarse and sensual, self-indulgent, unrestrained; involved with mystical, magical or occult forces.


When favorably aspected, Jupiter shows one’s tendency to benevolence and jovial disposition. These natives are courteous, refined, law abiding, and honorable. When adversely aspected, it denotes lawlessness, self-indulgence, carelessness in meeting obligations, and gluttony which results in ill-health.

Medically, Jupiter in the natal chart rules the liver, the main organ for balance and detoxification, reception of the intestinal portal circulation, and control of fat utilization. Thus, Jupiter rules fat metabolism. It rules the arterial blood, and the functions of digestive assimilation, especially in regards to the liver. Jupiter also rules the adrenals and the storage of glycogen, and thus has influence over the stamina and muscular power. The placement of Jupiter points to those herbs and dietetics that will best suit the native for detoxification and periodic cleansing of the bowels and thus the liver.

Although Jupiter by nature is benefic, it has a malefic influence when in hard aspect to the Sun, Moon or Ascendant; and in the sixth house. Most of its maladies are accentuated by indiscretions in diet leading to blood disorders, toxicity, and fatty accumulations.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Obesity, toxicity, hypertension, abdominal fullness, diseases from “high living”, stroke, hemorrhagic diseases, jaundice.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Liver functions, especially detoxification and glycogen storage, production of urea and bile; fat metabolism; blood and arterial system; growth hormone.


Jupiter in Libra, when well-aspected, indicates a kind, sympathetic and loving disposition. These natives are conscientious, sociable and have benevolent natures. They are popular with the opposite sex and benefit may be expected from their partners. Success in the business and public life are characteristic. If Jupiter is afflicted there may be indulgence of the lower natures which will bring troubles and public scandal with a loss of popularity and prestige. Working in partnership, joint ventures, and other cooperate efforts is the key to their success.

SUSCEPTIBLE AREAS: Sex organs, legs, head, eyes.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Diabetes; kidney disease, albumuria, renal tumor and obstruction, edema; impure blood with sores, ulcers, and pimples; fatty tumors on the back; ailments and disorders from high living; hypertension, congestive headaches; adrenal insufficiency and fatigue.

LIVER CLEANSING: Celery and cucumber juices to flush the kidneys and liver.


Jupiter trine Uranus indicates a broad, humane disposition with a tendency to study metaphysics and the sciences. It favors prophetic vision and extraordinary insight. Such a person is honest and sincere, sociable, hospitable and likely to benefit a great deal from influential friends in official positions. This position also indicates executive ability and success in connection with institutions of higher learning. The native usually desires to change the status quo with new innovations.


In Greek, Saturn is known as “kronos”, from which our word “chronic” is taken. Permanent disease is signified by the placement of Saturn in the chart, and its course and attack by the motion of other planets. Its action signifies binding, crystallizing, cold, dry, hardening, depleting, obstructing, retarding, and suppressing. The afflictions of Saturn are for prolonged periods, whereas Mars afflicts more acutely, for short periods.

Saturn’s placement in the chart is associated with the solid matter of one’s body, ruling all dense components and processes. Saturn in any part of the horoscope is considered an affliction to the zodiac sign, house, and parts of the body so ruled. It tends to weaken and make one more liable to disease, and the sign and parts ruled are usually considered the most vulnerable, even to cause death through disease and malignancy. Those parts ruled at birth by Saturn indicate reduced nerve and energy supply, insufficient oxygenation, accumulation of tissue acids, and thus fibrositis, myositis, and rheumatism. The planet Saturn indicates subnormal conditions by inhibition, retention, and suppression. The medical astrologers at the turn of the century stated that carcinoma is most liable to occur in that part ruled by the sign that Saturn is in at birth. Saturn also has rulership over the blood’s clotting factors, the parathyroids, and calcium metabolism.

Saturn’s afflictions come from lack of self control, spiritual development, and materialistic tendencies. When manifested negatively, Saturn’s principle action is quite simply fear. The hard aspects indicate opportunity to come to terms with a specific kind of fear. The type of fear is indicated by Saturn’s aspects (conjunct, square or opposition) to the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury or Venus.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Typical Saturnine problems are chronic skin complaints, stiffness of the joints and muscles, deformity; dental problems; deafness; depression; slowed atrophy and functioning of the body’s processes; scleroses of the body’s tissues, rheumatism from accumulated tissue wastes in the sign or house of the nativity chart.

Subluxations of the spine are partial dislocations of the vertebra which impinge and put pressure on the nerves passing through them, shutting off nerve supply and causing irritation and pain leading to disease. Along the lines of chiropractic philosophy, health is maintained by a correctly aligned spine that requires periodic adjustments by manipulative therapy. Palpation and X-ray discover these deviations but your astrological chart can identify weak areas that will be chronically affected. Each sign of the zodiac, and malefics placed in them, tend to afflict the vertebra, especially the vertebra ruled by the sign in which Saturn is found at birth. Such subluxations tend to be the major one throughout life. For example, the sign Libra rules the kidneys and if Saturn is here at birth, the 10th, 11th, 12th dorsals, and 1st lumbar will be afflicted the most, and this is known before examination. From a chiropractic or osteopathic standpoint, the emphasis of treatment should be in the area where Saturn was afflicting at birth as this area will show stasis, restrictions, stiffness, and congestion.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Skin, bone and joints, teeth, hearing, ossicification.


Saturn in Leo, when well-aspected, indicates favors from people in high social status and success by obtaining public appointments. The Saturnine virtues of tact, diplomacy, discretion and executive ability are characteristic. The constitution of these people is not strong, but they may maintain perfect health by the conservation of their vital force through diet and hygiene. When Saturn is afflicted however, they can be cruel and quick-tempered, jealous, and use underhanded methods to satisfy their ambitions. This position also indicates heart trouble, if not failure due to overexertion. Pride with a severe attitude are the native’s hindrances to spiritual growth. This position indicates proneness to calcium, magnesium and potassium deficiencies.

SUSCEPTIBLE AREAS: Sex organs, kidneys.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Organic weakness of the heart and endocardium, poor circulation, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, stroke/apoplexy, syncope, cardiac asthma; spinal problems, stiffness, ankylosis, backache; tendency to low spirits, nervous disorders; gall stones; genital disorders. Physical strain is harmful to one’s health when Saturn is placed here, the native is prone to back injuries. Proper physical exercise, however, is vital due to a tendency to a sluggish heart and poor circulation.

RULING VERTEBRA: Taken as a whole, Leo rules the dorsal spine, but specifically the 2nd, 3rd, 5th dorsals.


KARMIC TENDENCIES: Death by attack of beasts (cattle, horses, elephants, quadrapeds, etc. especially if opposite or square the Sun or Moon).


Uranus rules your electrical life breath, and thus your avenues for personal as well as societal freedom. It indicates potential for originality of thought and expression, yet its energy is not accessible to much of humanity at this time. In society it rules the apparently radical ideas and people that are years ahead of their time. They lead to revolutionary events that upset established structures. The Aquarian age of which we are now entering is ruled by Uranus. Its cycle began with the discovery of electricity which it rules and is now interconnecting everyone on the planet with a synthetic telepathy.

Karmically, all aspects of the personal planets – Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, or the Ascendant – indicate areas of life where there is a strong urge for freedom of expression without restraint and the need for constant stimulation and excitement. This planet also represents the capacity to be high-strung, excitable, and temperamental. The motives of Uranus thus represent the purpose of radically repolarizing an individual’s past lives, and open one up to new experience either through stimulating, shocking, and even traumatic crises to find new ways of living. People who are ruled by Uranus are lovers of freedom, rebellious at least restraint, intuitive and inventive. They are aviators, high level mechanics, or deal directly with electricity. It also tends towards erratic behavior and can make people irritable and brusque in manner.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Skin, bone and joints, teeth, hearing, ossicification. Uranus rules all the rhythmic processes of the body. It rules the movement of the whole digestive tract from mouth to anus. Thus, the common symptom of its afflictions are spasmodic manifestations and disrupted rhythms – muscles spasms, shock, cramp, strictures, ruptures, paroxysms, and contortions.


Uranus in Gemini indicates the native is versatile with mental powers indicating originality, intuition and ingenuity. If Uranus is favorably aspected, success may come from electronics, aviation, science, metaphysics, and astrology. The native is alert, progressive, readily grasps new ideas, and is broad minded. When Uranus is afflicted, the mind is eccentric, and changes from one issue to another without any definite logic. Adverse aspects also indicate conflicts with brothers, sisters and neighbors, and liability to accident while on short journeys. The native is apt to be disliked in their domestic environment.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Active mind; spasmodic chest pains, abnormal breathing with nervousness, bronchitis, emphysema, hacking cough, asthma; heart affections; cramps and muscular spasms in the arms and shoulders; weakened digestion; colds with hard, dry cough.

ANTISPASMODICS: Dill, fennel, marjoram.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Sudden illness or accident of the shoulders, arms, hands, or lungs.


Neptune takes approximately 164 years to orbit the zodiac, taking about 13 years in each sign. Its position is a kind of cultural expression manifesting itself with imaginative and creative faculties of a generation. Its location points to a common spiritual destiny shown by the sign that it occupies. As one gets older, new generations may then seem strange in style, cultural or artistic expression, something not innately understood by the native.

People with an afflicted Neptune should always be on guard for deception, trickery, and fraud. Since each one’s life is the outcome of former living, afflictions of Neptune offer ready channels where enemies from past lives or evil spirits can gain entry into our sacred temple. Forewarned is forearmed and confrontations can be stepping stones upward in life, or misery leading to drug abuse and apathy. Afflictions to Neptune may also indicate a previous life of extreme asceticism where the physical body was ignored or neglected leading to a leaky aura in this life. The corroborating symptoms are tiredness and need for a lot of sleep. There is also susceptibility to tuberculosis as Neptune is the ruler of this disease. Sunlight counteracts the tubercular diathesis and helps to harden and anneal an etheric body with a leaky aura. Likewise, a favorably aspected Neptune may let one drone away one’s time, neglecting valuable opportunities offered for soul growth by following the deceptive lines of least resistance. Neptune rules illusion and abstract thinking, as well as those areas of life where conditions are not always what they seem.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Neptune’s placement in the natal chart points to conditions which are difficult to diagnose, or are wrongly diagnosed. It has rulership over the aura and etheric body. Its afflictions denote laxity and weakness of the vital force, and subnormal conditions, as lack of development, undersized body or organs. Its placement in the chart and hard aspects has a strong rule over wasting of tissues leading to decay and disintegration. Its pathological manifestations are lethargy, drug abuse, intoxication, and general lack of tone throughout the body.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Pineal gland, appendix, right-brain function.


Neptune in Libra, when well aspected, gives a musical, poetic or artistic temperament. It indicates a native of a highly spiritual nature which gives the native great comfort and satisfaction. When Neptune is afflicted in Libra, there is a tendency to be part of clandestine, unconventional and illegitimate relations, either of the native or of the partner, according to the nature of the planetary aspects to Neptune. It also indicates a weak and over-emotional nature which fosters the dislike of those in their domestic environment. Marriage or business partnerships may have to be dissolved by litigation with loss to the native.


HERBAL STIMULANTS: Cinnamon, curry.


Just as your Sun sign represents your true identity in this life, Pluto’s house represents an old pattern of identity from the past. It is a past pattern of life that is carried over into this life. We can say that Pluto’s house is that area of life where complete regeneration is needed. Compulsive behavior and even ruthlessness needs to be transformed into willful intentions yielding great powers of perception and insight into the subtle forces of life. Plutonian people can make great healers simply by touch or vision.

The aspects of Pluto to other planets gives an indication as to how that transformation can bring new understanding and regeneration. Whether the aspect is “hard” as in square or opposition, or “easy” as in a trine or sextile, determines whether one has an innate knowing, or will meet some hard karmic destiny. There is an enormous potential for power by discovering those fields of experience in the house of Pluto. It heals when it is tapped.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Medically, Pluto’s energy is concerned with eliminative processes, both physical and spiritual. The energy represented by Pluto is life-giving and cleansing. Pluto’s transits are said to destroy the old forms in order to bring in the new. It’s pathological manifestations are abscesses, malignancies, ulcers, and poisonous bites.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Reproduction, defecation, expulsion of waste matter.


Pluto in any sign always represents fundamental change, upheavals, and drastic transformations. Pluto’s period in Leo was from 1938-1957. Leo rules kings and representatives in government. These children grew up in rebellion either born during the war years or shortly thereafter. The idea of self-sufficiency bloomed later in these children, returning to the earth, living in communes and counterculture societies with a basic distrust of the establishment. Pluto in Leo also marked the period of atomic energy, which is ruled by Pluto. For the first time in recent history, man witnessed the atomic bomb. A worldwide power struggle followed in the form of a cold war.