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Io Cartography

Io Series Cartography – “astromapping” on your Mac

Io Cartography features include:

An intuitive, well designed interface that puts all the controls on one screen

  • High Res maps that look great on-screen and printed.
  • Incredible accuracy using the timed ACS U.S. and International Atlas and our powerful calculation engine.
  • AstroCartoGraphy, Local Space, and Astrolocality techniques at your fingertips.
  • Instant Local space relocation with a mouse-click.
  • Easy file saving in the most widely compatible formats including the universal favorite – PDF.
  • Automatic E-mailing of PDF files with your pop 3 account.
  • Total graphic control including fonts, point colors, map colors and combinations.

Jim Lewis was the pioneer who opened the door to the world of the relocated natal chart. He provided irrefutable proof that where you are geographically has a significant influence upon your life experiences.

This is truly exciting, and immediately pertinent in our daily lives. If you are studying this field for yourself, you will be astounded by what you learn. If you are a Professional Astrologer the information revealed can provide your clients with invaluable insights into their lives, decisions they will be making, and relationships both personal and business.

Following the guidelines provided by Jim Lewis’  IO Cartography has been has created. This is an outstanding tool for exploring the world of a relocated chart. Like all of our astrological software the program is intuitive in its design and will quickly have you mastering this amazing astrological technique.

Io Cartography software allows you to explore using all three recognized techniques: Astro*Carto*Graphy as developed by Jim Lewis; the newer Local Space technique introduced by Michael Erlewine, plus a third popular technique Astrolocality, giving you the most complete package of relocation software you will find anywhere.

Calculate and display as well as print. Ideal for study and teaching the following aspects of “astromapping”.


World Classical AsroCartography View


Zooming to Continental classical AstroCartography Area


Meridian Lines - Following Points of Opportunity


Local Space - World View


Scale down to less than a mile per inch

Classical, Local Space Lines -regional View

Mundane Setting

This setting enables the program to display the classical “astromapping” lines. These lines include the Ascendant and Descendant Lines jointly called the Rising Lines. Also included are the Meridian Lines.

Meridian Lines

The Meridian Lines include the Mid Heaven and the I.C. Lines. The Mid Heaven Lines are indicated by an upward pointing triangle at the top of the map. The I.C. Lines are indicated by an downward pointing triangle at the bottom of the map. The lines are perpendicular to the equator.

Rising Lines

The Rising Lines are comprised of the Ascendant and Descendant Lines. These lines are a locus of points where the planet in question is at the horizon, east horizon for ascending, west horizon for descending. If the Line is an Ascendant Line the triangle points to the East; if the line is a Descendant Line the triangle points to the west. These lines are not perpendicular to the equator in most cases.

In Mundo

This setting will include the planetary ecliptic latitude as a factor. In Mundo Lines are the real true lines as they reference the physical planet not the planet’s position on the ecliptic plane.

Trine Lines

The Trine Lines, which include the I.C. , the M.C., the Ascendant, and Descendant, are twice as numerous as the classic Meridian lines and Rising lines. The Trine lines are considered to be much less powerful than the classic Meridian lines and Rising lines. The program displays these lines by using thinner lines than the classic lines.

Square Lines

The Square Lines, represent an unusual case. Any Square Rising line that you may see actually represents 2 lines. A Line is one square’s ascendant line but also the other square’s descendant line. So they are twice as powerful as the trine lines. This principal also applies to the Square Meridian lines. A Line is one square’s M.C. line but also the other square’s I.C. line. Consequently no indication that a line is ascendant or descendant is necessary as the line represents both aspects. They are therefore twice as powerful as trine lines. These lines are considered to have a discordant or stressful influence. They are considered to be almost as powerful as the classic lines.

Local Space

Local Space Lines are great circle circles around the globe originating usually at the place of birth or place of domicile. If you were to follow the planet from your origin eventually you would find a place on the surface of the Earth where that planet would be directly overhead. That path is the great circle route and represents potential adventures corresponding to the nature of the planet. these lines converge on the exact oppossite point on the globe.

Birth Locale

If the Local Space button is selected this button will place the origin of the loal space lines at the birthplace as defined by the longitude and latitude in the chart record. Any other locals space lines with another origin will be erased.

Crosshair Button

You may choose your own local space location with this option. There is even an active longitude and longitude display to give you precise coordinates.