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Angelina Jolie – Personality Profile

Angelina Profile for Brad as Registered Member


Angelina’s usually on the go and has a natural ability to do two or more things at once. She is forever being accused of being two-faced and having a split personality. Nonsense! It’s just that she is faster and more versatile than most and other people resent this.

However, there is a tendency to change her tack in mid-course; then back again, then back! She’ll therefore need to develop the willpower to see a particular course of action through to its conclusion.

There’s a restless need for a variety of different contacts and relationships. She also has a need for constant intellectual stimulation and welcomes the opportunity to express her opinions, which she can do very well on a number of different subjects.


Angelina has powerful feelings, is sympathetic and compassionate. Family matters will also be of paramount importance to her.


Angelina is naturally persuasive and can easily attract others to herself. She is able to react very quickly to circumstances around her, but she should remember to consider her situation carefully before making any promises.

she is potentially volatile and overpowering, but sincere and loving as well. She has enthusiasm for life, and a naturally direct approach, but may occasionally need to develop patience. Even when Angelina is patient and understanding, if she is caught out unexpectedly, or her feelings are hurt, she can surprise both herself and others with the strength of her anger and aggression.


Angelina’s mind is both lively and enquiring. She is able to learn a variety of different subjects and prefers short-term projects which don’t demand too much of her precious time. She’ll also have a great need to communicate her insights and knowledge to others. As her interests are so varied, different ideas and possibilities are always crowding her mind and therefore she may occasionally find it difficult to concentrate on any one thing for too long. This makes Angelina’s thinking rather scattered and it’s difficult for her to make up her mind on anything, probably only then to change her mind when she does!

The problem she has is trying to work out which particular interests she really wants to pursue. Still, just because she flits back and forth between projects doesn’t mean that she can’t succeed. If anything, her success will be far more wide-ranging, over a number of different fields.

Capacity for love

Angelina is a sensitive, loving and emotional individual who needs to find a deep sense of emotional sharing with another person. However, the fear of being hurt could cause her to hide behind a barrier until she feels secure enough to express her true feelings. When she does, however, she is sensitive and caring but may occasionally overdo it.

Her approach to love is deeply linked to her need for a home and security. Security is a prerequisite for love. That’s not to say that this is all that she is looking for, it’s just that she’ll find it difficult to relate emotionally to another person unless these needs are satisfied. For her a house is not a house, but a home, somewhere where she can feel relaxed and comfortable.

Driving force

Angelina is direct and forceful, having a strong self-assertive and competitive urge. There’s also a strong need for independence, but it might be a type of independence based on a lack of thought for others.

Aggressiveness, impulsiveness and a tendency to over-react are also qualities that may need to be controlled. She’ll generally be very direct when it comes to getting what she wants, with little or no hesitation, and she will be best advised to control her urge to be so hasty.