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Brad Pitt – Personality Profile

Brad Pitt’s Profile for Angelina as a Registered Member


Brad’s nature is outgoing and open-minded, with a need to explore and find out what’s just over the horizon. This need can be expressed literally through travel, or on a more mental level through the exploration of ideas and philosophical systems. he may combine both. he is adaptable and versatile, able to make the most out of any situation. he sees life as a great adventure and it’s the future and future possibilities that really draw him on.

However, at times, he may be prone to exaggeration and his blindly optimistic and boisterous nature may make him somewhat careless and irresponsible.


Possessing the courage of his convictions, other people’s opinions won’t matter. Believing in himself, Brad tends to attract good fortune and unusual opportunities. Ambitions are geared to large scale goals but he must beware the tendency to take things for granted and assume that everything will go his way.


Brad’s way of behaving may be influenced by a deep need for something that’s secure and permanent in his home and emotional life. This may be the result of a lack of such material and emotional security in his childhood or the result of values inherited from his parents.


Brad’s thinking is generally grounded in the here and now, and concerned mainly with the need to provide material necessities. he is capable of concentrated and methodical thinking, especially if it’s directed toward some ambition or goal, to which he can apply his mind with great perseverance and discipline.

The way he communicates with others may also occasionally be influenced by practical considerations, or with a view to attaining his objectives or purpose. There can be a tendency toward pessimism if things don’t work out as he thought they would, but his persistence will usually pull him out of it.

Capacity for love

Brad has a rather conservative and practical approach to relationships. he is generally attracted to people who promise security and long term commitment. he is also capable of seeing the potential in his partner and pushing them to achieve the highest that they’re capable of. This may take some time and investment on his part, but he is patient.

he needs to know where he stands at all times, from day to day arrangements to long term plans and goals. It takes some time for him to trust enough to allow others to get close to him, but when he is able to relax, others see the warm sensuous side of his nature.

Financially, he always tries to be in control. he keeps careful track of his bank balance, as he needs the security of always knowing his position. This stems from a need to maintain financial independence. he goes for the long term investment, rather than risky, ‘get rich quick’ schemes, having a talent for taking very little and building something solid and secure from it.

Driving force

The more aggressive side of Brad’s character should generally be well controlled. This doesn’t mean that he won’t ever lose his temper or do anything on impulse, but he has the capacity to channel his energies into working for long term goals and ambitions, even if it means a certain amount of self-denial or sacrifice for his to achieve them.