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Brad Pitt’s Intimate Lover Profile

Brad Intimate Lover Profile  – for Angelina

What making love means to Brad

Brad is full of warm feelings towards his partner. He is an ardent lover, for him romance is when he is filled with enthusiasm and desire to make love in the open air, at sea, in the woods or just under the starlit sky. His love making can be wild and full of energetic thrusting, which sometimes can label him as a sexual athlete. Companionship is of great importance to him because he loves to share his fantasies, endlessly exploring the bounds of his sexual imagination. However, he can sometimes be totally lost during sex, indulging in a private fantasy all of his own.

Brad’s love-making style

How Brad is viewed by others – the first impression he creates.

Playful – Sex, like a sport, is to be enjoyed for its own sake. Joy for Brad comes from playing the game with an energetic spirit and is how his sexual pleasure is derived. His carefree nature may lead him to overlook his partner’s needs, which he should attend to. He may become a loyal friend or companion and hardly ever bear a grudge if things do not work out between you.

The way Brad ‘performs’ when he makes love

His immediate reactions; his emotional and compassionate nature.

Seeks reassurance – Brad can be a serious and shy lover who is very uncomfortable in those lovemaking situations where spontaneous sex and exuberant reactions seem called for. He needs, therefore, to be reassured by his lover, because although he can be a little slow at first, he will go all the way with plenty of love and encouragement.

Brad’s thoughts and self expression when making love

His communication skills; how he thinks and receives information from a lover.

Distinctive – Brad likes secure surroundings and to know exactly where he is going with his sexual exploits. Once he knows the exact extent of what he is ‘in for’, he can perform with distinction. With the right coaxing from his partner he is potentially a great and thoughtful lover, if a little reticent at first.

The way he communicates with others may also occasionally be influenced by practical considerations, or with a view to attaining his objectives or purpose. There can be a tendency toward pessimism if things don’t work out as he thought they would, but his persistence will usually pull him out of it.

What Brad values and needs most

How he expresses his emotions within personal relationships.

Relentless – Brad takes sex seriously. He wants a lover with experience, who is able to turn him on. He is not satisfied unless he gets what he wants and when making love he will relentlessly pursue his desires to the end. Brad will not indulge in experimentation in sex unless the rules of play are well within defined limits.

The driving force of Brad’s sexuality

His sex drive, stamina and the way he asserts herself and expresses his desires.

Determination – Brad is careful and very determined in the way he expresses his needs for making love. When he has had enough experience he can be a great lover. Sexual education for him is important so as to expand the variety of his sexual techniques. He should obtain some early experience before the mold of his sexuality is cast as he is likely to erect certain boundaries early on that he could be stuck with forever.