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Angelina – Intimate Lover Profile

Angelina Intimate Lover Profile for Brad Pitt Member

What making love means to Angelina

How Angelina expresses herself as an individual.

Stimulating – Angelina can easily become bored so therefore she needs (and likes) lots of variety, including actively trying out new techniques – both oral and manual. Sex is not to be taken seriously; it’s a fun way to communicate and should be just as mentally stimulating as physically pleasurable. Delicate flights of fancy are preferable to hot and heavy passionate scenes. Real love comes through friendship not just sex. She is not happy with the heavy demands of partners and should avoid jealous lovers. She yearns to be free and is very easy going.

Angelina’s love-making style

How Angelina is viewed by others – the first impression she creates.

Strong and determined – Angelina has a hard time choosing a lover and likes to be sure of her partner’s commitment beforehand. Once she is involved, she is strong, determined and takes great care of her partner, holding them in high regard, which is sometimes difficult for them to live up to. However, she can be overly sensitive, taking everything to heart and is therefore likely to be easily hurt.

The way Angelina ‘performs’ when she makes love

Her immediate reactions; her emotional and compassionate nature.

At the double – When it comes to sex Angelina is quick to react, being able to orgasm and shortly afterwards be ready for more. Once aroused, she is difficult to slow down. Such intensity burns out quickly and she may come too fast for her partner needs constant new stimulation to keep sex exciting and alive. Without being aware of it she can get over emotionally involved with a partner who is not as eager as she is.

Angelina’s thoughts and self expression when making love

Her communication skills; how she thinks and receives information from a lover.

Meaningful – Angelina is a lover who likes to talk about their sexual needs and desires. She is not likely to dwell on any one aspect of lovemaking too long. Talk during sex helps to guide and clarify what is going on and avoids wasted time on sex that she does not find exciting. her mouth and mind are extra instruments of her sexual pleasure.

What Angelina values and needs most

How she expresses her emotions within personal relationships.

Devotion – Angelina’s passions are not easily or quickly fulfilled; she must have just the right setting for her to dissolve into the arms of her lover. She craves devotion and enveloping love that is all consuming, otherwise, those aching desires and her desperate need for love will not be satisfied.

The driving force of Angelina’s sexuality

Her sex drive, stamina and the way she asserts herself and expresses her desires.

Energetic – Angelina is a lover who is good at making speedy and decisive moves. She has a highly intense energy level, which can spurt rather hot and quickly, but she can fade as fast as she came. However, she is very easily aroused and can be just as easily satisfied. Angelina needs to practice slowing down so as to give her partner the full measure of lingering satisfaction that is her to give them. If she cannot do it the first time, she should save some in reserve for next time she makes love to them – and make it soon!