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Link Resoucse you can use via our link exchange, copy and paste a link to Astrology Software onto your website. If you would like a reciprocal link, email our webmaster with the URL which contains the link to and include a text link description for your site.

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Developers of astrology software for Windows PC’s, Mobile Apps and Web environment. Distributors of a wide range of astrology software.

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Instant Astrologer Reports – Three report writers – Writen by Lyn Birkbeck

Horoscope Services – Daily Horoscope XML Feeds. Bespoke Astrology software

Sell Horoscopes – Your own online customized Astrology Report


You can check the accuracy of a natal horoscope against the originators of the Swiss Ephemeris free chartwheel option. ( All Horoscope Services and My Star World software is powered by the Swiss Ephemeris)

Astrological Association of Great Britain: – News, views and features from some of the leading lights in the astrological world. You will find extracts from the Association’s publications The Astrological Journal, Transit Newsletter, Correlation, and details of how to subscribe to these along with Culture and Cosmos and the Astrology and Medicine Newsletter.

Astrology Foundation Incorporated: – The Astrology Foundation Incorporated (AFI) is a New Zealand non-profit friendly society providing a stimulating environment for those with an interest in Astrology.

National Council for Geocosmic Research: – The National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) is an astrological organization dedicated to education and research with members and chapters worldwide. A leading US astrology organisation. Resource for astrological learning and events. Offers accredited courses in astrology. Publishes NCGR Journal.

Urania Trust: – a registered UK educational charity, founded in 1970 which provides a service to the British and worldwide community. Information concerning astrological associations, organisations, societies and educational establishments; bookshops; magazines; publishers; software suppliers.

Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences: – University Degrees in Astrology. Situated in Washington State, USA. Offers 4 year BA degree in Astrological Studies and is authorised to grant an Associate of Arts Degree in the History and Symbology of Astrology. Earn a BA or AA degree in astrological studies through a distance learning with symposium program

AstroDataBank: – Astrology software containing 28,000 birth data. Helps you learn astrology by example, improve your professional skills as an astrologer, and research and test your astrological theories.

Mind Body Spirit Festivals: – London and Manchester. Stands showcase innovative ideas. These include inspirational photographic prints, natural sea sponge tampons, relationship and business advice, fair trade clothing, empowering goddess products, training in naturopathy and nutrition, information on environmental & natural burials. Free demonstrations and performances in the main hall. Demonstrations include the magic of yoga, sound healing, clairvoyance, sonic meditation & spiritual healing. Talks throughout the day in the theatre in the main hall. Topics include working with angels, wild love, past lives-hidden treasures, unlock your psychic powers, and improve your relationships.

Mind Body Spirit Direct: A website and mail order company highlighting audio visual information and lifestyle products, on alternative, complimentary, holistic healing, and life empowerment. focusing on life enhancing products from the worlds most inspirational teachers and artists. on video, dvd, music cd and spoken word. as well as items of personal empowerment and inspiration.

Pilgrims Mind, Body & Spirit Store: – New Age and Mind Body Spirit Store: Pilgrims UK is the foremost, with on-line secure ordering and next-day delivery.Mind, Body and Spirit superstore. Includes news, reviews, chat, interviews, message board, links and secure on-line ordering.

Vedic Astrology by Astrologer Dr. Sudhanshu – Vedic Astrology, Indian Astrology, Instant Online Live Telephone Astrology advice service for USA, Canada, UK and Australia by Indian Astrologer Dr. Sudhanshu.

Free Psychic Network provides an eclectic variety of psychic, Astrological, and metaphysical content. Quality content offerings like free tarot readings, free numerology reports, and free daily horoscopes to name a few. Visit us to see what the full content offering. – free forecasts – free features – weekly updates – Advertising Opportunity –  Increase your web traffic with licensed horoscope content. Daily and weekly horoscopes drive repeat visits. – Indian Astrology based on  vedic astrology. Is Your One-stop Source For Authentic Indian & Vedic Astrology Content, Daily Horoscope, Birth-Charts, Match-Making And Gemstones.

Astrology Search

Free Horoscopes

The Horoscope Junkie

Free forecasts – free features – weekly updates – Free Horoscopes and Astrology at!

Vedic Astrology & Detailed Horoscope-Indian Astrology

Vedic (Indian) Astrology & Vedic Horoscope Consultation by expert astrologer from India. 2007 Astrology & 2007 Horoscope report is also available. Free birth chart and horoscope based on Moon Sign.


Astrology Software, based on the Hindu system of vedic astrology, is the best selling Indian Vedic astrology software.


Learn more about this Ancient Science and how it is different from the astrology normally practised in the West.

“Harmonic Concordance astrology”

Is being carried out by those who devote themselves to bringing a higher awareness into every moment of existence.

123 Astrology

offers birth (natal) astrology/horoscope charts and Astrology For Lovers compatibility/relationship reports.


Numerology readings by the renowned Jill Saint James.

Astrology Source

Astrology, Psychic & Numerology reports! Earn 50% per sale, free content for your site! Yahoo Award Winning Astrologer.

A Sign Of The Times Astrology

Astrological Horoscopes and birth charts. FREE Astrological Chartwheel for every visitor.

Sky View Zone Astrology

Professional astrology reports include free bonus reports and beautiful chart wheels! Large, new site.

Vedic Prediction

With the regular movement of planets, one can foretell the destinies of men, fates of nations, sudden inudations, earthquakes, volcanic erruptions & other incidents relating to terrestial phenomenon.

Astrology For Gay Relationships

detailed individual astrology reports putting you in control of your gay relationships.

Predictive Sciences

Astrology & Numerology Site.

Lucky Days

Successfully tested on BBC TV. Free evaluation. Make $31 per sale!

Astrology Online

Ask any question and get an answer, year ahead analysis, predictive astrology.

Books By Julian Lee

Locational Astrology, Meditation, Mysticism.

Astrology and Numerology information and readings.


Forecasting of life’s turning points.

astrological predictions, vedic horoscope, vedic remedies, matchmaking.

Astro-Kundali : Vedic & Kp Astrology

Astro-Kundali Astrology Software, Services : Combined Hindu Vedic and Krishnamurti Paddhati Win95/98/2000/NT Program.

Dating Yellow Pages – Ppc Search Engines

Dating Yellow Pages is a leading pay per click search engine providing an ultimate cost-effective bidding placement mark.

Free Astrology Reading

Is love in your stars? Get a free astrology reading at Keen. Special new-customer promotion. Read through customer feedback and ratings to choose your psychic. Call toll-free 800 number.

Horoscopes, Spell Casting, Amulets, More

Purchase world-class horoscopes, powerful spells, good-luck charms and amulets and lots more. Absolutely guaranteed or your money back!

Looking for an Astrologer?

My experience as an astrologer involves 28 years of study. I interpret people’s birth charts, enabling me to forecast future events in their lives. Contact me via phone or e-mail today.

Quotes From Western And Eastern Thinkers

Lots of quotes on love, money, wisdom and pertinent topics from famous authors in new E-book. Gain a new perspective.

Through Night’s Fire

Astrology of Love, Karma, Sex, and Relationship.


Experience the difference a True Horoscope reveals. It considers many zodiac symbols not just one or two zodiac signs. A True Horoscope™ gives you the full astrological picture, not a general outline.

Astrology Directory – Comprehensive directory of Astrology and Horoscopes on the web

Magic Spells – Free magic love spells & reviews of spell workers.

Authentic Spells – My goal is to provide a sense of guidance, balance, harmony and inspiration to promote good karma through my authentic spell work and readings.

Authentic Spells – My goal is to provide a sense of guidance, balance, harmony and inspiration to promote good karma through my authentic spell work and readings.

Astrology directory, Astrology signs, astrology products, love horoscopes, Chinese horoscopes – brings you to the world of astrology and horoscopes, astrology products, astrology software, Chinese horoscopes, horoscopes, love horoscopes, Sabian astrology, Vedic astrology, research and more.

Astrology Software – Develop Astrology Software Astrology Explorer 3D and offer Free Online Astrology Birth (Natal) Chart Generation Horoscope.

Online Astrology

Tajik Astrology is a Prediction company where we can get Online Horoscope,Cricket Prediction, Online Political Prediction.

Astrology Software

Develop Astrology Software Astrology Explorer 3D and offer Free Online Astrology Birth (Natal) Chart Generation Horoscope.

Free horoscopes Welcome to! Here you can get hip, free horoscopes, five days a week, whether your sign is Aquarius, Virgo, Capricorn, or any other sign under the sun.

Online Astrology Tajik Astrology is a Prediction company where we can get Online Horoscope,Cricket Prediction, Online Political Prediction

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