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Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Born 31 Jan 1981 AD  Memphis     Transit Forecast  for Nov 2014

Justine Timberlake Month Forecast – part section

There are two types of transits or movement of the planets – long term, and short term daily transits.

The long term transits can effect your birth chart for up to two to three months, and due to astrological cycles, these transits will occasionally recur during the year.  The main thing to remember is that these transits represent trends and it is up to the individual to make the best of them.  A good guideline is to take advantage of the good periods, and turn the not so good periods to your advantage!  For example, if you are aware that you are likely to be argumentative on a particular day, then you may be able to divert your energies and avoid arguments or disputes before they happen.  Astrology is not a tool of fate – it doesn’t rule your life – it should be used as a guide.  Ultimately, it is up to every individual to take control of their lives.

The short term daily transits usually only last a day or two – occasionally up to one week.

There will be times when several long term transits overlap, and may even counteract each other.  The best thing to do is to read through the information carefully, and then integrate that information to create a whole picture for the period the transits are in effect.

Please bear in mind that unless the time of birth provided was exact, then it is likely that the exact effect of the transits may be felt either several days before or after the dates given.  You will soon be able to regulate the pattern by following the transits carefully.

From about:  1 Nov 2014   to about: 19 Nov 2014

*Transiting Jupiter Square your Midheaven

A sudden surge of confidence, ambition and a desire to achieve something of worth will motivate you to do things and take action that you would only have dreamt of in the past.

Instead of just sitting back and wishing to dreams to come true you will now confidently and boldly stride forward and will start to turn those dreams into reality. Feeling fearless and self-assured, you should now feel capable of overcoming any obstacle placed in your path.

No longer satisfied with ambling along through life you will now start to live as opposed to just existing. Emotions should be heightened feelings will be much more emphasised than usual, especially feelings of love.

Just one word of warning in trying to achieve long term plans and ambitions and constantly looking ahead to the future you may overlook important details which are part of everyday routine. For example, don’t forget to pay bills!

Also, in your over-confidence, you could start to feel indestructible and could therefore overwork and push yourself and others around you to the brink of frayed tempers and nervous exhaustion. Don’t take others for granted, and don’t take on more than you can handle. Also avoid overspending or mounting debts will eventually catch up with you and knock you for six!

From about:  2 Nov 2014   to about:  3 Nov 2014

*Transiting Venus Square your Natal Sun

Lacking energy, you will be more inclined to sit around and do as little as you can during this time. It would be just as well to postpone major tasks or decisions until your energy increases and you are in a more positive frame of mind. Personal relationships could also feel the strain, especially if you’ve been choosing to hide or ignore pressing problems.

From about:  4 Nov 2014   to about:  5 Nov 2014

*Transiting Mercury is Sextile your Natal Neptune

Vivid dreams may now reveal meaningful messages these messages finally providing sensible solutions to long standing problems. However, rather than face up to responsibilities you may now feel more inclined to escape and choose to retreat into your own fantasy world.

From about:  4 Nov 2014   to about:  6 Nov 2014

*Transiting Sun is Square your Natal Sun

Today is either approximately three months before or three months after your birthday. Either way, you’ve now reached a cross-roads, a professional or personal watershed. You will now need to decide which path to follow next. However, disruptions are likely, especially if your thoughts and actions are constantly challenged. Try to keep your temper despite the fact that plans may change time and time again.

From about:  4 Nov 2014   to about:  6 Nov 2014

*Transiting Mercury Conjunct your Pluto

With heightened mental, intuitive and psychic abilities increasing perception and understanding, this is a time of learning.  Delving deeply for the truth, secret information may now come to light.  Business deals and financial transactions should now work to your advantage. New friendships may be formed with older, wiser individuals.

From about:  4 Nov 2014   to about:  6 Nov 2014

*Transiting Mercury is Sextile your Natal Moon

Thoughts will now turn towards inner emotions. More in tune with your own feelings, and those of loved ones – use this time to openly and honestly discuss any bothersome problems, which have arisen between you. Trust your intuition.

From about:  5 Nov 2014   to about: 22 Nov 2014

*Transiting Saturn Square your Natal Mars

The fiery Mars temper will be at its fiercest under this transit of Saturn square Mars. A smouldering anger will be bubbling inside you and heaven help the innocent bystander when this anger is vented!

You may not even understand why you are feeling so irritated and resentful but for some of you it is the culmination of months of frustration and you can now no longer sit back and ignore the unacceptable situation around you.

Ego clashes are likely with everyone and anyone who happens to be around! Lovers business colleagues friends and family none will escape your wrath.

Work could seem laborious as for every step you take forward you may take two steps backwards. This will obviously just add to your frustration but don’t expect much co-operation from colleagues as your own intensity and unsympathetic behaviour could both threaten and alienate them. Also, this transit often indicates a ruthless determination and ambition with the subject not caring who they trample along the road to success. This is not a way to ‘win friends and influence people’!

Avoid any legal or official matters during this time – they could become problematic.

This transit can also indicate accidents and injury – so care must be taken throughout the period, especially when driving cars or handling heavy machinery.

From about:  5 Nov 2014   to about:  6 Nov 2014

*Transiting Mercury is Trine your Natal Mars

Mental activities rule your life at this moment.  Your words will come out as intended now. Your affairs will be quickly dealt with. Think positively, because you have the energy to tackle all sorts of hard mental work.  Now is a good time to ask for a raise, speak in public, and to come out with your own opinions.  You will have more confidence in your own ideas, and the ability to state them clearly.  You will also have more energy than you usually have, so enjoy this time, by doing something positive with your life now.

From about:  5 Nov 2014   to about:  7 Nov 2014

*Transiting Mercury is Square your Natal Venus

Avoid anything which could upset you or disturb your routine or equilibrium during the next few days.  Unable to properly defend yourself, you may find it difficult to cope with any disputes or strife.  You may become the victim instead of the victor. Problems in both your love life and social life are likely, so perhaps it is best to keep your head down and out of the firing line.

From about:  5 Nov 2014   to about:  7 Nov 2014

*Transiting Mercury is Sextile your Ascendant

Feeling more active and alert than usual, you will now make more of an effort to see and meet other people.  Communications of all kinds are well favoured.  Therefore this is the right time to make important telephone calls or to write important letters. It is also a time of compromise and agreement; therefore long standing disputes could now be satisfactorily resolved.  Travel is likely, especially over short distances.

From about:  7 Nov 2014   to about: 10 Nov 2014

*Transiting Mars Square your Natal Saturn

The fiery Mars temper will be at its fiercest under this transit of Mars Square Saturn. A smouldering anger will be bubbling away inside you and heaven help the innocent bystander when this anger is vented! This could be the culmination of months of frustration. Ego clashes are likely. This transit also often indicates accidents and injury – so take care.

From about:  8 Nov 2014   to about: 11 Nov 2014

*Transiting Mars Square your Natal Jupiter

During this time you really will not take no for an answer! Being self-assertive is one thing, but your over-confidence could seem rather arrogant and opinionated to others. Lacking both tact and moderation, you could now really put your foot in it! Beware extravagance in all financial and business matters – don’t promise more than you can deliver.

From about:  8 Nov 2014   to about: 24 Nov 2014

*Transiting Saturn Square your Ascendant

To say that you’ve had a better time in love relationships would be an understatement. Tension, conflict, friction they are all words to describe the way you are now likely to be feeling towards a lover or marriage partner. Problems which have been bubbling away beneath the surface, are now likely to violently erupt, and if the differences are irreconcilable, then the relationship may come to an abrupt halt.

Ego clashes are likely with everyone and anyone who happens to be around! Lovers business colleagues friends and family none will escape your wrath.

This may not be one of the easiest times of your life. Your confidence may be easily shattered, and self inflicted feelings of self doubt could create problems where there are none. In other words, you could go looking for trouble – and worrying about events and possibilities that haven’t even happened. However, you could be creating a “Catch 22” situation. By actually worrying too much, you could create anxiety attacks and problems, which should never have existed in the first place.