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28 April 2023


Your kindness and understanding increase and intensifies the affection you share with your lover. However, if single, you find that you are accepted by almost everyone you encounter. Nothing or no one can stop you from meeting somebody special and eventually becoming more than just a good friend.


You impress the people you love with your jokes and witty replies, gaining affectionate appreciation from your immediate circle who react positively. If you're single, you're able to take advantage of this to make new interesting friends. Try to practice a degree of modesty despite the positive response.


Love is in the air and perfect for romance. Feeling close to your lover you find it difficult to be away from them, and they feel the same way too, and this enables you to be more experimental with your lovemaking technique. If single, your confidence makes you appear more attractive, and you're not alone for long.


Be careful you're not overwhelmed by the number of requests made on your time. A popular individual, much in demand, your company is sought after a lot. If you're flexible, it’s easy for you to adjust to new situations, but make sure you allow yourself plenty of space to implement your thoughts, dreams, and plans.


Pushing yourself forward makes you appear overbearing and at times rather unpleasant, causing problems with your love life or making it tough to get to meet and know new people. It is apparent that others find your craving for recognition a bit disconcerting. Reconsider your conduct and the impact it has on others.


People help when you share your thoughts and ideas with them in an open and friendly way. You may discover someone else you hadn’t realized also shares similar aspirations to your own. You use opportunities that your network friends offer, and anything you undertake jointly has an added dynamic quality.


Every comment you make is likely to be interpreted in the worst possible way, and an innocent joke is often mistaken for an insult. Being patient with people prevents you from constantly having to explain yourself or becoming a test of nerves. Always try to be considerate in the same way you expect from others.


If you feel more reticent in about your personal life, avoid trying to convince others of your beliefs or discussing matters likely to result in a difference of opinion. Your social skills aren't appreciated, and others may misunderstand what you say and form an altogether distorted impression of you as a person.


If disagreements and misunderstandings seem likely to dominate, you better allow yourself some time out before it escalates. Let those close to you know clearly you need some space. They'll understand and accept this. You don’t have to explain why. If you’ve appointments, it’s a good idea to cancel them if you can.


Before deciding how you want your private life to be, you include your partner in your deliberations and get valuable suggestions about the important issues you must discuss regarding your future together and the decisions you both need to be clear about that are necessary for the realization of your plans.


If asked to give your opinion you may later very much come to regret the thoughtless choice of words used in your conversations with those you're closest to. The provocative approach you take is unlikely to be well received, and you may find you have to apologize later to improve relationships.


If your partner avoids you, preferring to be on their own, you let them have the space they need. Thinking about it, it may be because of your poor conduct towards them, don't be too concerned about this, being in the doldrums for a while is unlikely to do serious damage to your relationship.


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