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Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera  Child Profile  Born 10 Dec 1980 AD Wed 7 20 00 5 00 W 40 42 N 74 00 W

Welcome to Christina Aguilera’s Child profile

Welcome to Christina’s astrological profile. It is written with the intent of giving parents in particular, and concerned parties in general, an idea of Christina’s character, talents, needs and wants. With this knowledge, help and assistance can be provided which, with a little hope, will point Christina in the right direction. As this is a very specific Child Profile it requires an accurate birth time. If you do not know the exact time of birth some of the information may not be completely relevant although the overall view will still be valid.

This profile is divided into a number of sections – detailed below – to make it easier to read and understand.

When reading this you will find both the positive and negative qualities of Christina defined. Most people will be happy to learn about the positive ones, while others may get upset over the negative ones. Contradictions will always appear in a person. They are what gives us our uniqueness. We have tried to balance all qualities as much as possible so you get a good overview. Some children have wonderful charts while others have difficult charts and this will manifest in their personality.

The ‘profile’ as outlined here is not set in concrete and can be changed with your help. If the profile is positive you simply support and direct Christina. Where the profile indicates difficulties for Christina, guidance, direction and boundaries will be important.

An astrological profile is suitable for any child from about sixteen months and up. That is when she or she will start manifesting the qualities described. If you are having this profile prepared for a newly born child you will have to wait some time before it begins to make sense and be of value.

Below are the categories covered.

Section A – laying down the foundations

1.Essential character – this profiles the general trends and outstanding characteristics of Christina ‘s nature, and also makes some comment on the quality of the relationship with the father. However this is not easily defined using Astrology so the section entitled ‘Emotional and feeling nature’ must be considered carefully in tandem with this opening section!

* Between the first two sections which deal essentially with father and mother there is a short section on ‘the dominant parent’. We do not try to make a definitive judgement here but tradition states that the father is externally dominant and the mother is emotionally, or internally, dominant. Make your own judgement as to which parent fits the bill best!

2.Emotional and feeling nature – this shows how the more passive and sensitive side of the nature is likely to develop and also comments on the nature of the relationship with Christina’s mother.

3.At this point we look more directly at the relationship between Christina and her mother.

4.Personality – this is a description of Christina’s physical nature; and also her general approach to the world; the way she sees it; and the way she likes to be seen. For instance, does she wear rose-coloured glasses or does she view the world from behind dark glasses?

Section B – from toddler to teenager

The process of development

1.Assertiveness – this describes how Christina makes her presence felt and if she is essentially active or passive. Does she like to push her way to the front, or stay determinedly in the background?

2.Friendship and social attitudes – this looks at how Christina will get on with others. For instance, will she be a bit of a loner, have hundreds of friends, or just a few who are useful, and so on.

3.The power of the mind – this describes the approach the child is likely to take towards the intellectual and academic side of life and how she will respond to the rigours of education.

4.Money – this looks at how Christina will handle the money in her pocket or purse. Spendthrift or miser ? Such traits establish themselves early and tend to remain with us all our lives.

Section c – preparing for independence

1.Higher education and establishing values – this section describes how the child, approaching complete independence, lays down the belief and educational framework that will sustain her through her adult life.

2.Approach to daily working life – this looks at how Christina is likely to fare in the harsh world of work. What drive, if any, she has to succeed and how she will deal with the inevitable day-to-day necessities of work.

3.Career & ambitions – this final section examines how Christina might approach the business of how to make her mark on life, and what areas might be the most productive for her as she grows steadily older.

Section A – laying down the foundations

Essential character

The Sun signifies our inner sense of identity, and our will. It is the single most important planet in our birth chart and generally describes what we are seeking to become through the journey of life, or perhaps our ‘destiny’.

*Sun in Sagittarius

Christina’s restless spirit will be hard to contain.

The ruler of her Sun sign is Jupiter, a planet whose nature is characterised by the quality of growth and exaggeration, and it is this tendency to inflate things that will drive Christina to expand her horizons to the uttermost limits. Exploring this enormous territory to the full may take her all her life.

The territory may be physical (in which case Christina may spend time travelling and living abroad from the country of her birth), or it may be the territory of her mind.

It is most likely to be the latter, for Christina is a seeker of learning and wisdom. Not, it must be said, so that she can bask in a self-congratulatory glow at her own cleverness, but so that she can pass on that wisdom – so that she can pass on her visions and dreams to others.

For such a happy-go-lucky and easy-going person, she is surprisingly highly principled, ethical and idealistic. She operates within a firm moral framework, and has a strong sense of justice and truth.

Her insistence on speaking the truth may lead her into tactlessness, but there will never be any deliberate intention to cause pain. She may offend through carelessness, but never callousness. Christina will be generous, affectionate, and invariably good-humoured.

Her interests are far ranging and eclectic, and she needs constant stimulus. She also needs freedom. Adaptable, she can change direction easily and enthusiastically, and can plan ahead with vision and insight.

In her relationships, Christina will be just as casual, just as light-hearted, as in every other aspect of her life. Partners will be attracted to her by the warmth of her personality and not because of any romantic qualities!

Due to Jupiter’s benign influence, Christina will be both philosopher and clown. She will have a great sense of humour and a warm, generous – even extravagant – nature. Buoyant, exuberant, she’ll know how to enjoy herself, how to have fun, and will love to give pleasure to her many friends.

Christina will be always ready for a new experience, a new adventure (the riskier the better!). There will be nothing she’s afraid to tackle, and nowhere she’s afraid to go. To Christina, the journey is what is important, not the destination. To this most optimistic child, it really will be better to travel hopefully than to arrive.

*Sun in 12th

In her search for identity and purpose, Christina may confuse the issue by looking too far afield, her sense of self-esteem comes from recognising and utilising her inner resources, and using them for the benefit of others without thought of reward. Christina is essentially a dreamer, and it is through those dreams that she can realise a sense of self, and realise something important in the wider world. As a child she may well appear confusing and worrying but she simply inhabits her own world and will develop from there rather than from any external restrictions and expectations placed upon her.

*Sun conj Neptune

Christina will be very idealistic and highly imaginative in her creativity and self expression. She will be a sensitive, artistic child who needs room to follow her dreams. She is compassionate and caring, highly tuned into other people and their emotional nuances, indeed she could well have strong psychic abilities and imaginary friends are very likely in early years. She will have powerful escapist tendencies and it is important that these are channelled positively when young so they don’t become destructive in later life. She is also a bit of a wanderer and she’ll probably go missing from time to time only to turn up in some unexpected place perfectly hale and hearty.

*Sun tri/sext Pluto

From very early on Christina feels deeply accepted and sure of herself. She knows how to get what she wants out of life through controlling and channelling her will. Christina is passionate and feels life intensely but she is also happy to share these feelings with others. She will prove to be powerful and dominant and able to exert a strong influence over others and her environment. She has a unique talent for finding something of value in what others disregard.

The dominant parent

In this section we are using traditional astrological rules for defining the relationship with the father. In some cases, however, this may well be more applicable to the mother. Generally, one or other of the parents has the strongest influence in developing a child’s approach to the outside world. Traditionally this has been the Father’s role, but it could perfectly well apply to the mother; hence the use of the phrase ‘the dominant parent’

*Libra 10th house

Christina will see her father as elegant, eloquent, and generally rather stylish and sophisticated. The problem is that this is not enough on which to base a relationship, and Christina may come to see her father as a trifle superficial. Or she might adopt these characteristics as she gets older as a way of getting by in the outside world.

*Pluto in 10th

Intense and powerful feelings dominate Christina’s relationship with her father. Whether it has any basis in reality or not, Christina will tend to see her father as a very powerful, fear-inspiring figure and, in later life, this could translate into a desire to dominate others.

The positive side to this relationship is that Christina may well grow up with an ability to see through facades and cut to the core of a matter rapidly and thus prevent things festering. Because of Christina’s childhood power struggles with her father, she will always have the ability to understand power in all its manifestations and could well be attracted to politics later in life.

Emotional and feeling nature

In this section we shall examine how Christina relates on an emotional or passive level. This is traditionally associated with the maternal relationship but we have not made such an obvious assumption and the following section should not be read as being primarily concerned with the relationship between mother and child.

*Moon in Capricorn

Astrologically, the Moon describes our responses, sensitivity, our feeling nature, and the unconscious side of our personality. It shows how we will react on an instinctive level.

It shows our emotions and these, of course, will be filtered, or coloured, by the sign in which the Moon falls. Most importantly, the Moon shows our needs.

Christina needs status and respect.

Shy as a child, she will be emotionally cautious and insecure as an adult. She will rarely express her feelings, or reveal her emotions, for she fears to run the risk of rejection. Christina has a very realistic appreciation of what she must do in order to achieve the things she wants, and she is not afraid of hard work. Ambitious and determined, she will realistically appraise each opportunity for its value in furthering her progress. Christina is dependable, dignified and loyal, but her stoic self-reliance may sometimes make her appear isolated and alone.

*Moon in 1st house

The houses are different compartments of life, different areas of experience, and each house will ‘colour’ the Moon in a slightly different way.

Throughout her life, Christina will retain the child-like need to receive approval and appreciation from all she comes into contact with. Highly impressionable, her sense of ‘self’ will be influenced by other people and early childhood experiences. Her instinctive nature is more likely to be reactive than proactive, and she may lack a sense of purpose, or have difficulty in defining her long-term goals and direction.

*Moon tri/sext Venus

Christina is a natural born charmer who – with a smile, and a twinkle in her eye – will get what she wants out of life. She will grow up to be stylish and sophisticated, and much of her natural balance can be traced back to a warm and positive relationship with her mother.

*Moon tri/sext Uranus

Christina will grow up to show a marked streak of independence while falling far short of the ‘loner’ category. She is happy with her own company or that of others, and this stems from a healthy aspect in her relations with her mother.

*Moon conj/opp/sqr Pluto

For Christina, life (especially as regards her mother) is based on the idea that if she doesn’t push the button first the other person will, and this power complex derives from her relationship with her mother, which she perceives as being about control and manipulation. She may well have things completely out of proportion but that is her prerogative. She will veer from intense charm, to tantrum, to cold, hard-eyed sulk, all in order to get her own way. There is an underlying fear behind all this that can be helped by a lot of reassurance.

Mother and child relationship

It is important to understand that the relationship between mother and child is always ‘symbiotic’. In other words, the way the mother behaves towards the child and the way the child perceives her mother is so inextricably linked that it is hard to separate the one from the other. Does the mother react to the child or does the child react to the mother? This is perhaps the original ‘chicken and egg’ question, and in this section we shall try to address this issue.

This is never an easy placement and, whether it is true or not, Christina will almost certainly feel she doesn’t get the level of affection she should. It is as if she senses rejection and coldness all the time. Her mother will have high expectations for her and she may find it difficult to live up to these no matter how hard she tries. She may treat her as a little adult, giving her far too much responsibility too early.

Career and profession come later; she needs to find her own way rather than expecting her to fulfil her mother’s ambitions and most importantly she needs to feel the wonderment of childhood. Christina probably expects her mother to be very traditional, to be tough on her; and being treated with gentleness and kindness might prove slightly baffling as she tends to feel unwanted or unloved, but a constant show of affection will go a long way towards alleviating her fears. Because she is sensitive and afraid to express emotions, she can seem unresponsive and may send out messages of self-sufficiency. If she can learn to express her feelings she is unlikely to carry a sense of rejection into adult life.


This section looks at how Christina views the world and likes to be viewed by others. No matter what our essential nature may be all of us have a ‘face’ that we put on for public consumption and this section describes that ‘face’.

*Sagittarius rising

Christina’s ascendant (or rising sign) is Sagittarius.

As a child, Christina is likely to be somewhat clumsy, both in her actions and her speech. Although, eventually, she may stop falling out of trees or off her bicycle, she is unlikely to grow out of her Sagittarian tactlessness until she is much older – if at all!

It should be emphasised, however, that this tactlessness springs not from malice, nor from a desire to hurt, but from her extreme honesty, for Christina has a high regard for the truth.

As a child at school she may lack application, and will be a less than ideal pupil if lessons are dull and routine. However, if inspired by a teacher who can stimulate her interest and who – more importantly – acknowledges her intelligence and has faith in her ability to succeed, she will rise to the challenge, regardless of whether it is intellectual, physical or creative. Christina is totally unable to resist a challenge.

“To teach is to learn twice” is a saying which applies particularly to those born with Sagittarius rising, and Christina is likely to display the qualities of a natural teacher, and to have a life-long thirst for learning and knowledge.

The search for understanding may lead her to explore many philosophies or creeds, and involve her in many journeys – both of a cerebral and a physical nature. If the latter, Christina will be never so happy as when off on her travels, back-packing her way round the world, meeting new and interesting people and immersing herself in different cultures and communities.

Even if she never sets foot outside her home town, freedom and personal ‘space’ will be important to Christina. She cannot be tied down, and will find it difficult to make long-term commitment.

The planetary ruler of those born with Sagittarius rising is Jupiter, whose nature is to expand all it touches, and Christina may therefore be prone to the Jupiterian trait of exaggeration.

Nothing will ever be so ordinary as ‘big’: it will be ‘gigantic’. Every bruise and ache will be the worst pain ever endured in the history of human suffering. Practically every sentence she utters will contain the words ‘a million’.

The way to counter this behaviour is to say: “I’ve told you a million times already not to exaggerate”.

Christina’s chart ruler, Jupiter, is also the planet of optimism and confidence. As a consequence of this planetary influence, over-estimation of her abilities may lead her to bite off more than she can comfortably chew, with the end result that she will invariably be in a mad panic to meet deadlines, and be late for appointments. And the only way she may be sure of catching a train is to miss the one before!

*Moon in 1st house

Christina’s early years will be of great importance to her.

Her self expression will be largely shaped by childhood experiences and the family environment. She is likely to be a person of changeable and fluid moods, easily influenced by those around her.

It is hard to get away from the word ‘child’ when the Moon falls in the first house of a birth chart.

Like a child, Christina’s emotions are simple and direct. And, like a child, she will seek appreciation and approval from all she comes into contact with. There will be an almost emotional need for personal recognition and the sort of unconditional love that is a child’s birthright.

Throughout her life there may be an almost childlike need for security and reassurance, and there will undoubtedly be a strong emotional bond with her mother (or the main nurturer of her family).

If you think this makes Christina sound as though she’s tied to her mother’s apron strings, unable to grow up, think again.

She’s not a ‘sissy’, but sensitive. There’s a big difference. She’s sensitive not only in her feelings, but in her acute awareness of the feelings of others, picking up and responding to every nuance.

She will respond well to positive and caring nurturing and, in turn, will put energy and enthusiasm into caring for others. She may take an almost ‘maternal’ (albeit somewhat bossy!) attitude towards her younger siblings, for example.

Although this placement of the Moon may indicate shyness and perhaps moodiness, Christina is also likely to have a desire for action and adventure which, unless it is carefully channelled, could manifest itself as aggression or competitiveness.

*Mars in 1st house

Conflict will be no stranger to Christina. From pram to pension, life will be a series of battles – exhausting to most people, but gloriously exhilarating to Christina!

She will be an assertive (often aggressive), pushy, competitive and challenging child, full of enthusiasm and fiery energy. There may be temper tantrums when she is young.

She has strong leadership qualities, but may lack ‘staying power’ or the organisational skills to support her initiating qualities. Unless her assertion is channelled constructively it may turn to anger, frustration and intolerance.

Competitive sport might work off some of her excess energy, although Christina may not display a conventional sporting attitude. Indeed, she may have little concept of fair play. She will hold little truck with the idea that “the important thing is not you win or lose, but how you play the game”. To her, winning is everything and she sees no glory is coming second.

In all she does, she will want to come first. Similarly, she may be able to understand not winning, but not wanting to win, why … that’s impossible!

Christina will be no shrinking violet. Indeed, she will have a very positive sense of self-assertion. She has a marked dislike of weakness, and may bully others who are less confident than she is.

Mars in the first house indicates a tendency to rash behaviour and impulsiveness. “Look before you leap” is a saying that will fall on deaf ears as far as Christina is concerned.

Brave, courageous and motivated, she will always be keen to throw herself fully into any challenges that life may present to her. Indeed, she will actively seek them out!

*Neptune in 1st house

Dreamy and sensitive, Christina is a highly impressionable child, attuned to the moods and feelings of others.

Her entire personality will be influenced by her experiences, her surroundings, and those she is involved with. In this respect she is rather like the chameleon that cloaks itself in colours in order to blend in, and merge with the background.

The fundamental principle of Neptune is to dissolve, and to negate differences. Those born with Neptune in the first house of “self” are affected by this ‘dissolving’ quality, and individuals with this placement may suffer a life-long lack of strong self-identity.

Christina will probably be a great day-dreamer, weaving wonderful stories in her mind, and enjoying a fantasy world where anything is possible. She will find it hard at school to concentrate on her lessons, and may lack application for such disciplines as mathematics or science, preferring (and doing well at) literature, drama, or history.

Christina is likely to be artistic, with a talent for dance, music, acting or painting (such artistry is often inspired by mystical visions, and subliminal influences). If other factors in her chart agree, she may be extremely intuitive – and possibly even clairvoyant.

The influence of Neptune on such an important sector of her chart may lead to a blurring of Christina’s boundaries. She may be confused and disorganised, and find it hard to distinguish between reality and illusion. And there is always a temptation, when Neptune is found in the first house, for the individual’s escape from reality to be found through the medium of drink or drugs.

Christina will be a kind, compassionate and empathetic person, ever sensitive to the suffering of others. She will be attracted to ‘lame dogs’, the flawed, and those whose sorry plight will enable her to play the role of ‘rescuer’. She will often wish to help the less fortunate even though it may involve the sacrifice of some aspect of herself. If this is taken to extremes, she could become a ‘doormat’ or a martyr, making few or no demands for herself.

Section B – toddler to teenager

The process of development


In this section we will be looking at the way in which the child finds her way through the rough and tumble of childhood – and later life – without being pushed around by others. The methods and approaches she uses to make sure her own needs are met, and how she deals with the needs of others when they are at odds with her own.

*Mars and the 1st house

Assertion is no problem for Christina – indeed rather the reverse! she also has such a great deal of physical energy, there is a need to get her outdoors and involved in some active sport or other to let off steam – often!

Action is her middle name! Overly confident, highly competitive and impulsive, she usually leaps before she looks and rarely thinks about consequences, which could, of course, get her into trouble, even accidents. Driven by her own particular wants, and independent by nature, Christina tends to think of herself and forget about her playmates’ needs which could get her into trouble in relationships later. She is quick to anger but cools off quickly and doesn’t hold a grudge.

More about Mars

“Its mine”, “I want it and I want it now”, would likely be several of Christina’s more commonly used phrases. She is a very immediate child, knowing what she wants and she is determined to get it, too. This is not the sort of child who has a problem letting the world know that she’s there and that she’s determined to have her own way. If frustrated she will anger quickly – fortunately it does not generally last long.

Friends and social groups

In this section we shall be looking at what sort of friends Christina needs and what she is likely to take to the friendship herself. We shall also look at the way in which she is likely to interact with social groups or whether, for example, she would prefer to be on her own.

*Scorpio 11th house

Christina will tend to choose her friends very carefully and be very cautious before committing herself to friendship. Once she has committed herself she will be a friend for life, but if those close to her betray her in any way she will cut any links immediately and forever.

*Venus in the 11th house

This child loves socialising and should have many friends, enjoying especially those who are artistic and moneyed. She needs a busy social life to be happy. This may cause her some problems through her life because her need for company, and her need to be liked by all may lead her to making incorrect judgements about people.

More on friends and social groups.

Christina seeks independence socially, wanting to be part of a group and yet maintaining her own independence. She should make friends easily, but may have more acquaintances than intimate friends. She may also display a desire to reform and change society, so her friends may well be of a revolutionary and liberal nature.

The power of the mind

In this section we indicate Christina’s communication and learning skills, her needs at school and requirements for further education. Of particular interest to parents will be how to talk and connect with her!

*Pisces 3rd house

There is a vague and dreamy quality to Christina’s mental approach to life. She may at times be quite confused in her thinking, and at others she may exhibit a sort of inspired genius. Practical subjects, and learning by rote is not for her, as she seems to absorb knowledge through a process of mental osmosis. She has a strong imagination and a love of fantasy that is likely to be well suited to the arts.

More about mental approaches.

Christina has a mind that thirsts for knowledge. But she will not be satisfied with accumulating simply a vast mental storeroom of facts. What is far more important to her – vital, in fact – is that her quest for knowledge should result in finding significance and meaning.

Mentally restless, eager to learn and to understand, she is a perpetual student, ever ready to increase her store of knowledge through books or personal experience. An ‘intellectual adventurer’, she delights in exploring, and will continue to delight in it to the end of her life.

Christina may be short on patience and discipline. She is not a ‘detail’ person. She is quick to grasp the overall picture of an idea, and tends to act with enthusiasm but with little in the way of planning and careful execution.

At school she may be somewhat slapdash in her approach to learning, and sports will probably attract her more than lessons. In fact, Further (or adult) education may be more beneficial to her, and more appropriate to her needs, than the schooling of her early learning years. Within the school system she is likely to do well at languages, while in maturity she may be drawn to philosophy, the law, sociology, or comparative religions.

Her speech – a never-ending torrent of words! – is open, direct and generally truthful. Such direct and truthful speech is never deliberately malicious, but it can often be extremely tactless. In fact, it may seem that every time Christina opens her mouth, she puts her foot in it!

A hugely entertaining way with words is the astrological talent enjoyed by those who, like Christina, have Mercury in Sagittarius. A superb raconteur, she will be always ready with one of the long (and very funny) ‘shaggy dog’ stories she loves to tell. But be warned – she is prone to wild exaggeration!

If Christina is hesitant about expressing her personal point of view, it may be because she has no really clear idea of what her viewpoint is. You see, her thinking is formed from impressions buried deep in her subconscious, and she operates on an intuitive level, responding more to her feelings than to her thoughts.

Her is not an intellect that can fit into a framework of rationale. Given free rein to operate as it will, her mind will develop into a rich treasure house, enabling Christina to benefit from her greatest intellectual asset: her unsurpassed imagination.

Christina has an immensely compassionate and empathetic side to her nature, and this is reflected in her communicative skills. She would make a good counsellor, for she is able to tune-in to other people’s feelings and to identify fully with their problems.

Christina’s communication skills are modified in the following manner.

*Mercury conj/trine/sext Jupiter

Curious about a wide range of subjects, and eager to broaden her mind as much as possible, Christina will find that the acquisition of knowledge comes easily to her. She will rapidly build up a substantial mental data-bank of facts, figures, and general information, and will enjoy airing her views and opinions whenever she can. She has confidence in her intellectual abilities, and may be firm in her belief that her opinion is the only right one.

To teach is to learn twice, they say, and Christina will love to pass on her knowledge and wisdom. In this respect she is an inspirational teacher, arousing great enthusiasm in the minds of others. And, even if she is not too sure of her facts, or a little imprecise with her figures, she nonetheless excels at putting over the meaning of her ideas.

*Mercury Trine/sext Saturn

Mentally disciplined, Christina is able to use her logical and practical mind to plan constructively and shape her thinking. Academically, she is not afraid of hard work; her preparation is thorough; and she is ready to do what may be necessary to achieve success.

Earning and spending money

In this section we shall look at how Christina is likely to develop in terms of her attitude towards the acquisition and expenditure of money.

*Capricorn 2nd house

Christina is ambitious for wealth and, more particularly, for the respect it can buy her. She will work long and hard in order to make money and, once she’s got it, she’ll make it work for her. She will invest her money wisely and shrewdly.

More information concerning Christina’s attitude towards finances.

Christina is very aware of the power of money, and knows how to use it to her advantage. She will rarely – if ever – have occasion to throw herself on the mercy of her bank manager for an overdraft, for she will invariably have a secret fund of money held in reserve. Preferring to deal with other people’s money rather than her own, she could be attracted to the profession of a stockbroker, investment consultant or banker.

Christina may well develop a very democratic, if not social, attitude to money. She is unlikely to be the type who carps about such things as higher taxes if she can see genuine benefits for the disenfranchised of society.

Section C – preparing for independence

Higher education and establishing values

In this section we shall examine how Christina is likely to find her place in society as she grows older. What standards she will set for herself and what she values. This will probably not become clear until Christina has reached at least the puberty stage.

*Virgo 9th house

Christina is only interested in learning if it useful and practical to her and is strongly centred in the “here and now” and the tangible. She likes to learn about diet, health and work procedures. She is suited to doing anything that involves detailed work and requires conscientious approach.

More about philosophy and further education.

Christina is likely to be highly-principled, with a strong sense of justice. The law, and egalitarian issues, will be of particular interest and concern to her, and could well be the subject of study in higher education. She will also probably decide that going on to further education, is an excellent idea from the social point of view.

The importance of broadening her outlook and acquiring knowledge cannot be over-estimated, and Christina’s aim in life is to share her knowledge with others. She would make an excellent and inspirational teacher.

Fair-minded and tolerant, her sense of justice could also indicate an interest in the workings of the law, all of which requires a good deal of education. If Christina does not decide to go off and learn from the wider university of life she will extract a great deal from further education.

This section is especially concerned with Christina’s inner values.

*Jupiter tri/sext Mercury

Christina is one of those rare creatures who actually enjoys learning! Her mind is well developed, and her natural curiosity practically insatiable. She will probably be keen to go on to higher education at the appropriate time.

She can think a project through, and she is able to imagine the consequences of any plan. Her thought processes are positive – and optimistic!

She will grow into a clear and comfortable sense of her own identity and validity, which she uses for the benefit of others.

*Jupiter conj/opp/sqr Mars

Energetic, enthusiastic and assertive, this child has an immense faith in her own abilities and, as a consequence, is unwilling ever to take “No” for an answer. Should she be thwarted, her assertion is likely to turn – extremely swiftly – to aggression. Christina may have difficulty in controlling her temper.

Christina may display, as she grows older, a kind of anger with the universe she has been born into. Her own value system will most likely be forged more through antagonism rather than the concept of co-operation.

*Jupiter conj/opp/sqr Saturn

Christina is likely to meet certain obstacles during her lifetime, and these must be tackled and overcome before she can develop. For instance, a pessimistic streak may prevent her from recognising opportunities, or she may lack the confidence to take advantage of them when she does spot them. Rigidity of thought may inhibit flexibility of aspiration.

Christina is likely to establish her own personal belief system based on the idea of constant change. She will always feel that any established system, her own included, should be regularly replaced to prevent rot setting in. In this sense she has what might be termed a revolutionary streak.

Approach to daily working life

This section will look at how this child may approach the thorny problem of working for a living. Naturally this will not to show until her teenage years, but as with everything else, forewarned is forearmed and there will always be ways to produce the most positive outcome!

*Gemini 6th house

Work for Christina should involve the use of her hands or her agile and versatile communication skills.

More about Christina’s likely approach to working life.

Working in the travel industry would be an ideal job for Christina. Her relaxed and easy way enables her to get on well with people from foreign countries, and she would make an excellent holiday representative or tour guide. She might also be drawn to work in the educational field, or to a job connected with publishing.

Because of her over-active imagination, Christina may find she is drawn to work where she can give full rein to her talent for creative writing. There is an artistic side to her nature that could be attracted to film making or acting. Her well-developed qualities of empathy and compassion could be utilised in the healing professions, or in psychology.

Career and ambitions

In this section we shall look at how Christina might approach the outside world in terms of possible careers and potential ambitions as she grows to maturity. Naturally these traits are unlikely to show until Christina is at least in her teens.

*Jupiter Conjunct MC

Christina is likely to want a position of prominence in her career. She is likely to achieve it, too, being fair-minded together with her honest nature will earn her the trust, respect and confidence of those in authority. And this will naturally beg the question: who better to promote than Christina?

But achieving fame will not rest entirely in the hands of others. Christina has an unsurpassed talent for seeing everything in terms of opportunity, and for turning those opportunities to her advantage.

*Saturn Conjunct MC

Christina will undoubtedly rise to the top in her chosen profession, but it will be hard graft all the way. She will ignore the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ that may dog or delay her progress, for she will be sustained by the strength of her career ambitions.

She is a born leader with natural management and business skills. She will use these talents to earn the status and rank she covets, and she will work diligently and patiently towards success.

*Pluto in 10th house

Christina will apply her unbreakable will to matters concerned with career. She will experience an overwhelming desire to succeed, and will allow nothing to stand in her way.

But this does not mean she will simply bulldoze her way to the top. No one is more skilled than Christina when it comes to recognising the need for change and, at crucial stages of her career, she may ‘re-invent’ herself in order to achieve her aims.

More about possible career approaches.

“How to win friends and influence people” is a book which Christina will have no real need to read, for she has an innate sense of social awareness and responsibility, and knows instinctively how to get the best from others. She knows, too, that far more is gained by co-operation than by force.

The wheels of her professional life will be liberally oiled by her harmonious social relationships, the ability to interact with other folk. Her career, therefore, should utilise her social skills and special strengths in dealing with other people, and she would do well in the Law, or in one of the arbitration, mediation, or counselling services.

But there is a slight drawback to the picture of Christina as a latter-day Solomon, dispensing wisdom and judgement to all and sundry. Because one of the things she fears most is to be considered unjust, unfair, or biased in some way, she may act pre-emptively, over-compensating by being a little too rigid in her interpretation of fairness or justice, and this of course may appear harsh (and
unjust!) to others.

Christina may defer marrying until she is fully mature, or may choose an older partner, or one whose professional status or social position can aid her own professional aspirations.

Christina takes the whole issue of education very seriously and so teaching might be a suitable profession for her.

Travel is another field which may appeal. Working as a travel agent; in a travel-related occupation such as air traffic control, or Customs & Excise; or dealing with foreign exchange students, for instance, could all be suitable occupations for Christina.

This concludes Christina’s astrological profile.