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Astrology Interpretation Gift License

Astrology Interpretation Gift License

Astrology Interpretation Gift License
Astrology Interpretation Gift License

License agreement for PCA Argus Personal Astrology between Stardm Ltd

Ottermead Upottery Honiton EX14 9PE (hereafter called Stadm Ltd)

And (Block Capitals)___________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________


All of the PCA Packages listed in this agreement form part of this License, dependant on the Package purchased:

1.The Agreement grants __________________________ the right to produce PCA horoscope reports as defined in section 3.

2. a) This Astrology Interpretation Gift License covers direct production of printed reports, and attached files of reports via the Internet.  (For real time emailed interpretaions please provide web address and description of web site to receive details

2. b)This agreement does not allow Soul Mate, Relationship, modules to be used as part of a Dating Agency service. (Dating Agencies also will require a different service or system agreement)

3. With this Astrology Interpretation Gift License you can produce up to 1,000 interpretation reports per year for each text report module included in your package. If you anticipate producing more than 1,000 interpretations using any single text module each year then you need to purchase a further licence for each text module you intend to use, this License would relate to the number of computers in use and anticipated quantities of interpretations produced. Software interpretations may NOT be adapted to generate reports from databases.

4. This Agreement becomes valid at the time Stardm Ltd acknowledges receipt of your license fee and has signed the contract, (a copy will be sent with your software package). The License fees are included with the following Software Packages and are as follows (please tick appropriate box)

Package Price £ Approx Price $

PCA Edition 2 Reports £250.00 – $395

PCA Edition 4 Reports £450.00 – $749

PCA Pro Edition 7 Reports £650.00 – $995

PCA Pro Edition* 9 Reports £995.00 – $1,595

*Cosmic Mirror Text module (per 500 annum)

5. This License is for the use of____________________ alone and cannot be transferred to a third party

6. In signing this agreement XXXXXX agrees to abide by the conditions contained herein. This agreement does not give the right to sell the PCA interpretation software but potential clients can be referred to Stardm –


Signature Licensee


Signature Licenser Stardm Ltd


Please email/post your signed agreement with your order to Stardm Ltd

if you have already ordered keep a copy and return your signed license to:

Stardm Ltd Ottermead Upottery, Honiton, Devon, EX14 PE9

Small Business License for PCA Argus Software Package Copyright Stardm Ltd