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Year Forecast

Numerology – One Year Outlook for Michele Obama

July 2011 through June 2012


At various times in your life, you’ve probably had the feeling that the opportunities are available for exactly what you want to do. At other times, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the feeling that hardly anything is going right and that you can’t find a satisfactory outlet for your capabilities.

By using the science of numerology, though, you can recognize the specific influences and opportunities in your life at any given time. You can determine—in advance—the times of greatest opportunity and you can also foresee difficulties and the areas in which they’re likely to happen. Numerology doesn’t give you the ability to foretell the future. It does, however, give you the ability to see and analyze many of the coming influences and opportunities before they occur. This allows you to maximize the positive potential as well as to prepare beforehand for problems that may be developing.

This profile describes the influences and opportunities you can expect in your life during the time span shown. The profile also includes suggestions for resolving any difficulties as well as for making the best use of the coming opportunities.



Your 4 Personal Year

The year 2011 is a time to complete all your work as it occurs and, in many instances, to build a secure base for the future. Last year’s fun and social life aren’t likely to be repeated this year, but try to put some of 2010’s plans and inspirations into more concrete form. Order and systems—an area of great skill for you—will be of paramount importance. There may be a lot of business and property matters, as well as contracts and legal affairs to deal with. There can be buying, selling or trading, too. Take care of the many details that arise with your usual patience and determination.

Concentrate on the prescribed work that must be done, whether mental or physical. Be prepared for some long periods of labor and some tight schedules, too. There may be some deep feelings of satisfaction, though, when your work eventually is completed. Be practical and rational in your tasks. Take care of organizational and management duties as necessary. Although there’s less time than usual for personal pleasure, don’t shirk any obligations or put out less effort than is required. You may have a bit more leisure if you cut corners on your work, but you also may find that the work you don’t accomplish now can be a substantial burden down the line.

Stabilize any of your ventures that need strengthening. Look for the weak areas and shore them up. Firm up new foundations and put everything in order, preparatory to the start of additional building. Lay a secure foundation that will last into the future. Don’t be surprised if some progress is slower than you anticipated. If you’re disorganized at any time during 2011, it’ll work to your disadvantage. Try to be as flexible as you can, particularly when the workload is heavy.

Don’t depend on luck or dreams at this time. They won’t be much help. Be as efficient, economical and rational as possible when dealing with financial matters. If you aren’t interested in managing your affairs properly, they may be a problem later. If you try to evade some of your responsibilities, there’s a good chance they’ll catch up with you when you’re least prepared. Establish the same kind of firm foundations with monetary matters as with everything else you handle in 2011. Keep your emotions under control in regard to financial matters.

With all the work to do, it’s very easy to feel restricted. Don’t work at anything—even for a short time—if you feel you’re in a rut or not likely to make progress. Change your point of view if you can, to make the work more acceptable. If that doesn’t work, change the job you’re doing altogether. Counteract any feelings of limitation—in a specific job or in the whole year’s spread of work—by taking some time off along the way. Allow a few days to play periodically or intersperse a few longer vacations throughout the year to relieve pressures. You’re likely to feel more serious than usual during some periods in 2011 because of all the effort, so it’s important to give yourself time for relaxation. Make sure that all important work is attended to even when you’re not personally available to do it.

Take good care of your health this year. The ongoing pressures can cause occasional nervous strain. See that the health of other family members is taken care of, too. The pressures that sometimes affect one member of the family can, on occasion, affect some of the others.

Special Focus For This Year

The year 2011 is a time when you’re likely to be busy finishing all your tasks. There’s a lot of work to be done on the various projects in which you’re involved. You also may build or stabilize the foundations of some of your ventures. Chances are there’s little time for either day dreaming or idealism now. Make sure to avoid situations where you’d be stuck in a rut. At its best, though, your work is likely to be filled with deadlines at various times throughout the year. You may encounter more nervous tension than you want to deal with from the pressures to which you’re subjected. Keep up your fitness program and take care of any health matters promptly. Take periodic breaks to recharge your batteries.

Protect your sensitive ego. Treat others with the tact and diplomacy you often show but insist on being treated kindly, too. There’ll be some frayed tempers and strong emotions due to the constant schedules. Help make the work environment as peaceful and harmonious as you can. Make sure you spend time with your family and friends despite your workload. You’ll need their supportive and loving ways. Use your special awareness and intuitive powers to smooth any work that is a group effort.

Your 7 Essence

January 1 through December 31

While the above described Personal Year indicates the best approach for you to take for growth and development during 2011, the Essence points out the likely events to take place during the period that it is active. Knowing the probable events that will happen and the preferred approach to those events will help you to get the most out of your experiences.


During this period you’ll find many opportunities for study and deep inner reflection. This is a time to write about scientific, religious or metaphysical subjects, or to get involved in research or educational pursuits that emphasize the understanding of fundamental principles. You may even find yourself pursuing new interests, possibly in a field which you have no previous experience. Take time, though, during this period to be by yourself, to reflect and meditate. It’s important now to spend time searching for inner peace and harmony. This is an ideal time to work on developing more faith.

Monthly Highlights For 2011

The Personal Year is an important yearly influence. This influence, though, is expressed with a somewhat different emphasis each month. Be sure to take the monthly emphasis into account, too, when considering the best approach to take to each month’s events. Monthly highlights for 2011 are given next, followed by detailed descriptions for each month.

In February, enjoy your family and friends. You’ll want to spend more time by yourself in March, and also take some time to plan for the rest of the year. Attend to the work schedules in April and move your ventures along. Expect more work in May, along with lots of strong emotions. There probably will be some substantial progress in June as work continues. July is a good time for a quiet break and possibly time with someone special. Be prepared to manage any strong feelings and restrictions in September.

JULY 2011

Your 11/2 Personal Month

July probably will be a busy month with a variety of activities in many different area. A number of your projects continue their development so that you can proceed with the ongoing work connected with them. One or two ventures may slow down, though, or come to a completely unexpected halt sometime between July 2nd and 18th. Try not to feel limited because of these temporary delays so as not to impede your own progress. Don’t spend much time trying to get these projects on track, either, because your efforts aren’t likely to have much effect. You’ll have enough to do on the projects that are advancing. You also may want to cooperate or lend a helping hand to friends or family members who need some current assistance with their own ventures. If possible, take a little break, probably around July 20th or so, to recharge your batteries. Some quiet time with your family or lover may be both soothing and satisfying. Spiritual study or contemplation may be helpful, too.


Your 3 Personal Month

August is a good month to take some time off after many months of work. Delight in some lively social activities. Spend time with old friends, family and children. Enjoy special romantic interludes with your spouse or lover. If there’s an opportunity for some travel around August 9th, the change of pace can do you good. There’s still quite a bit of work to accomplish this month, so you may have to squeeze your social activities in between your other duties and obligations. Be very careful not to neglect any responsibilities, particularly between August 10th and 18th. Acknowledge any changes of direction that affect your ongoing ventures. Take care of whatever has to be done to keep your projects running smoothly. The addition of some imaginative insights or unusual creative inputs on August 21st or thereabouts may help move your endeavors along. Make sure, though, that logic and practicality rule the day. Be economical even though money may be easier to come by than in previous months.


Your 4 Personal Month

Be prepared for a good deal of work this month. The delays that affected some of your projects a few months ago have been taken care of so that those endeavors are moving ahead. Your various other ventures also are advancing. There are some important deadlines to be met and some tight schedules to be followed, particularly between September 4th and 22nd. In some cases, you may be building or solidifying a base for future growth. In other situations, some changes in direction may call for additional development. Take care of the work but keep your spirits up. Take a short break, if necessary, around September 19th, for some relief. Be careful not to neglect your duties. Enlist some help in completing a job before the pressure gets to you. If you feel restricted in some phase of your work, search for better ways to accomplish the same ends. Attend to any health matters promptly. From September 26th to the 30th, there’ll be more time for fun and relaxation.


Your 5 Personal Month

Enjoy the people and social activities this month. There’s lots of chances for fun, delight and excitement. Make the most, too, of the romantic possibilities that come your way around October 6th. There’s still work to do, though, on the various ventures you’ve been involved in throughout the year. It’s important that all your required jobs be carried out in a timely manner. You may be able to delegate some of your work, on October 17th or so, to allow more time for taking a break or socializing. Keep on the lookout for new opportunities, new interests and new people. Some of the opportunities you find, particularly during the week starting October 18th, may provide significant possibilities for expansion and exploration of special and unusual areas. Try to distinguish which opportunities will fade quickly and which have potential worth working on for long-term benefits. If possible, schedule the most promising opportunities for full-scale development next year.


Your 6 Personal Month

Part of this month will be spent in family activities. Because of your heavy workload throughout the year, you may not have had as much time as you wanted to visit with your family. You can make up for all that in November. Plan for some close, loving times with your spouse, parents and children around November 9th and 27th. Also be prepared to be available for regular domestic duties. Some special efforts, possibly in several directions, also may be required, particularly on November 14th or 21st. You may have to give some time to health matters for someone you hold dear. A family member or a close relative may require some ongoing attention. Give of your time, energy and affection whenever necessary. There may be some repair work or remodeling on your home to be undertaken, too. Some legal or financial matters also may have to be attended to, on or about November 11th. Pay attention to your other ventures and make sure to take care of the work that has to be done.


Your 7 Personal Month

Although it’s the holiday season, with parties and other social activities to attend to, you’re likely to prefer being by yourself—or with a few very close friends—for a good part of December. The work involved in your ongoing ventures is probably minimal but should be taken care of promptly, particularly around December 10th and 19th. Take some time to evaluate your activities and progress during the past three years or so. Assess what you’ve managed to accomplish in 2011 in particular and the advantages you’ve gained from your hard work. Check on your health. Clarify in broad strokes the direction of your endeavors for the next several years and the kinds of goals you’ll be striving for. Begin to make some specific plans for the coming year. Recognize that 2012 is likely to be full of a great deal of activity and many expansive opportunities. From December 27th through the end of the month, you may become aware of a developing sense of adventure and excitement.


As 2011 draws to a close, there’s still a good deal of work to do, just as there was all during 2011. Do your fair share of the labor but insist that others treat you kindly and respectfully. Take breaks when necessary in order to relieve pressure. Allow ample time for family and friends, too, because their support may be of considerable importance.



Your 5 Personal Year

The year 2012 is a time to revel in freedom and expand your horizons. Keep an open mind and concentrate on feeling very loose and free. Be very adventurous and as flexible as possible. Make constant use of your imagination, your creative approach and as much resourcefulness as you can muster. Your myriad activities are likely to move at a very fast pace. Many of your opportunities—and some of the most exciting ones—will be found outside your ordinary routine.

An important change is likely, possibly residence, work or family situation. You may initiate the change or find yourself dealing with changes begun by other people. Take advantage of the shifting circumstances and flow with the evolving conditions. Emphasize your versatility and quick reactions. Learn to release your hold on the old gracefully and make room for the new. Make sure, though, to take care of any situations left over from the break in old conditions. This will help ensure a better chance of increasing your personal freedom and furthering your professional advancement.

During 2012, delight in the great variety of experience that comes your way. Enjoy new opportunities, interests and activities. Expect anything and everything imaginable. Expect the unexpected and be ready to go along with it.

Keep your eyes open for new and exciting friends from all walks of life. Enjoy the many social affairs available, too. If you enjoy children—either your own or someone else’s—you may want to include them in many of your fun activities. They’ll get a lot out of it and you probably will, too. You may want to travel, possibly to unusual or out-of-the-way places. You may travel a long distance or take several shorter but equally exciting trips. Your travel plans may be intermingled with potential business opportunities. If so, make the most of both of them. You may want to speculate in some interesting financial schemes. Keep your wits about you, though. Get a good sense of the merit of any venture before you make the plunge. Try to avoid extravagant or self-indulgent activities. You may expect more in the way of rewards than you actually receive. Exert considerable effort throughout the year to promote yourself, your business and your ideas with enthusiasm.

Despite the excitement generated by all of this year’s activities, try not to procrastinate or neglect your obligations. Be careful not to scatter your energy in all directions; try to concentrate on one interest or activity at a time. If you feel restless, impetuous or impatient—and this may happen frequently in 2012—you may not be able to maximize some of the high-powered potential that’s present in many of your freewheeling opportunities. Although you may feel too busy much of the time, don’t neglect your family or close friends or you may regret it later.

You’re apt to have considerable appeal to the opposite sex this year. Enjoy the romances that come your way. But be careful not to get too involved, because these affairs are likely to be short-lived. Be careful not to overindulge in sensual activities to the extent that you lose track of other opportunities or responsibilities. Don’t express your personal freedom at the expense of others. Try to control your eating and drinking and keep them both at reasonable levels. You may have to exert considerable effort to be well disciplined this year.

Special Focus For This Year

In 2012, make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Concentrate on being as loose and free as possible. Keep an open mind. The best opportunities probably will lie outside your ordinary routine. Spend time in places other than your usual ones and take part in different activities, so that you’re in a good position to discover new, exciting, progressive possibilities. Travel to an out-of-the-way place or spend some time with new or unusual friends or associates. These activities may prove remarkably meaningful. If you’re trying to increase your spiritual awareness, 2012 may have much to offer.

Some important changes may take place this year, possibly a change in residence, work or even in an important relationship. Initiate changes that you’ve been thinking about for some time. Take advantage, too, of changes begun by others. Be sure to proceed with your usual sensitivity and understanding. Make sure to move away in a constructive manner from your old ways of doing things. Flow with the changing conditions, although you would prefer more stable situations than you’re likely to find. Be very flexible, imaginative and resourceful for best results. Appreciate the new vitality and color brought into your life by the shifts that are taking place.

Your 7 Essence

January 1 through December 31

Your Essence during this period is the same as the one described for last year. Expect the same kinds of events and opportunities to occur as you have already been experiencing. Make sure, though, to use the approach of the new Personal Year as you encounter the events that unfold at this time.

Because your Essence for this period points in a very different direction than the Personal Year, you may find that things do not go as easily or as smoothly as you’d like. Your desire for personal freedom and travel at this time conflicts with your need to be alone for study and inner reflection. You may spend a good part of the time struggling to find a comfortable balance. It’s possible, too, that you may try to avoid one of these energies all together. You’ll find, though, that it resurfaces no matter what you do. Sometimes a balance can be reached by alternately using one energy, then the other. If at all possible, try to find an approach to the events and opportunities during this period that allows both energies to work together. This isn’t always easy, but it can provide the best use of the potentials available.

Monthly Highlights For 2012

There may be some very special spiritual opportunities in February. Be prepared for some changes and transitions in April, although they’ll require much sensitive handling. July may be extremely exciting, especially if you take advantage of travel possibilities. Lots of changes, fun and excitement are likely in September, including some significant trips. Some shifts in November may require very delicate handling, but they’ll be well worth the effort.


Your 6 Personal Month

As the new year begins, much of your activity will revolve around your family. Some parties and get-togethers will provide fun times and a good deal of closeness. Allow time for the children. Enjoy the love and romance you find, too, particularly around January 6th. Family duties, some of them a carry-over from last year, will require hard work to complete. Even though these chores may get in the way of other activities, don’t neglect them. Take care of any financial or legal matters connected with your home, as well, on January 13th or thereabouts. Be prepared for the start of some significant changes or improvements in your family or home life about January 17th or 27th. If you’re the one initiating these shifts in direction, think out your plans carefully before putting them into action. Try to keep your feelings under control and help others do the same. Some of these changes, when completed, will provide a good deal more freedom for you—and others—than is possible now. Be ready to help these improvements along throughout the year.


Your 7 Personal Month

You’ll want to spend some time alone this month. You may need to be by yourself to assimilate the important changes from last month and to consider the best ways to implement them. You probably also want to assess some other possible shifts and figure out the best ways to put them into action. If you’re interested in spiritual matters, part of this month, particularly during the week of February 18th, may be devoted to meditation and private study in that area. Although you need time for contemplation during part of February, you’re also aware of a restlessness and a need to get on with some of the important matters you’re concerned with. This isn’t the time to spring into action, though. If you act impulsively, this may make it difficult to obtain the very things you’re working to achieve. Prepare for constructive action next month and bide your time as best you can. Avoid quarrels and misunderstandings. Have a health checkup on February 15th or 24th and, if it appeals to you, begin a diet and physical fitness program.

MARCH 2012

Your 8 Personal Month

Check out the business opportunities and financial possibilities that come your way. Recognize that some of the situations that present themselves may represent an entirely new direction that can bring you more in the way of freedom. Recognize, too, that you can now start to change or expand for the better some of your existing ventures. You also can begin new endeavors, preferably between March 6th and 20th, so that both the new and existing ones will be far more to your liking. Present yourself in a very businesslike manner. Use a realistic and practical approach. Carefully study the possibilities in the various situations you find. Estimate the work you’ll have to do during the next year or so in order to make a go of these endeavors. Be sure it fits in with your other activities. Make up your mind quickly so that you can take full advantage of the situation. Be open to meeting new friends and potential business associates during the week of March 14th.

APRIL 2012

Your 9 Personal Month

You’ve made several important changes during the last few months and probably are contemplating a few more. You may have the feeling, though, that despite the shifts, you’re still being held back to some extent. This month, a significant relationship, association or experience may founder or end, most likely between April 2nd and 18th. Although you may be surprised, that termination may allow you a great deal more personal liberty than you ever imagined. There’s a good chance that the conclusion you experience will remove any feelings that the brakes are still being applied. You’ll feel remarkably freer and more open. You can now begin to pursue a different, more progressive course that more closely meets your needs. Feelings may run high while the termination and its related changes and transitions are in progress. Keep your cool. You may also experience some temper or disagreements in regard to romantic matters during the weeks of April 6th or 11th. Handle this as sensitively as possible to avoid breakups.

MAY 2012

Your 1 Personal Month

May most likely will be a very stimulating month. With the endings you experienced in April, you’ll probably feel much freer, more aware of what’s going on and much more open to the possibilities. Your ongoing ventures are likely to advance dynamically, especially around May 7th. You can also find some new and unusual opportunities, probably between May 9th and 16th. Begin to develop progressive possibilities with good potential for the future. Your own enthusiasm will carry you along in May, combined with some unusual support from an unexpected source. Do things your own way for maximum benefit and don’t pay too much attention to others’ differing views. Move ahead constructively after reasonable investigation and study. Be careful not to act impulsively. On or about May 18th, a significant change may provide opportunities for some interesting travel. Enjoy the exhilaration of these trips and pay careful attention as matters develop.

JUNE 2012

Your 11/2 Personal Month

Although your endeavors will continue to move ahead, the pace is likely to be somewhat slower than last month. An occasional holdup or work stoppage probably also will occur, possibly around June 5th or 9th. Accept these temporary delays. Don’t try to speed things up or you may unwittingly disrupt a critical schedule. While you’re waiting for your own ventures to get back on track, offer your assistance to friends or associates who need a helping hand. Be as patient as you can be with your own and others’ work. If you’re tactful and diplomatic, it will be a lot easier to handle misunderstandings or frayed tempers. Enjoy your children and socializing with special friends this month. On or about June 13th, make the most of any opportunities to meet new friends. The pleasures of love and romance also may come your way. Be extremely sensitive in all your personal relations. That sensitivity also may allow for some spiritual insights leading in new directions, particularly on June 18th.


The information contained in this profile can be remarkably helpful. Read it once or twice when you first receive it. Read it again when important opportunities come your way. You may learn, as many people have, to benefit by making the most of the described possibilities by preparing beforehand.

Read the profile, too, when you feel stuck. You may benefit by figuring out how to deal with the difficulties in a better way. If you see a problem coming, a re-reading may show you how to prepare for that problem before it actually occurs. You may be surprised and delighted at the many times that the information in the profile contributes significantly to your life.


Birth Date: January 17, 1964

Birth Name: Michelle LaVaughn Robinson

Current Name: Michelle Obama