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Io Horoscope – Interpreter

 Astonishingly detailed interpretations

Io Horoscope is the ideal starting place to begin the study of astrology.

Curious about your own chart? Io Horoscope’s astonishingly detailed interpretations are the ideal way to begin a rewarding adventure with astrology. Well-crafted, accurate reports and fully customizable layouts ensure that every document you produce is a professional one. Exporting reports as HTML files streamlines any Web-based charting service. We know that you will find Io Horoscope to be absolutely indispensable. View Sample report


  • Comprehensive 18-20 page reports
  • Alternative interpretation options for use when the exact time of birth is not known
  • The fully editable text can be modified with your favorite word processor
  • Multiple charts and tables
  • Export interpretations for use in other programs
  • Customizable page layouts (user-definable margins with individual selection of font types, sizes, and styles)
  • Prints an introduction to astrology
  • Export reports at text, PDF, or HTML documents for easy printing, emailing, or web use
  • 10 House Systems with the choice of Tropical and Sidereal zodiacs (including 12 sidereal ayanamsas)

The author, Julia Lupton Skalka, has been a professional astrologer, writer and teacher in the Washington, D.C., area since 1974. For more than 18 years, she has been a contributor to Dell Horoscope. Articles about her have appeared in the Washington Post and USA Today, and she has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows. She is the author of The Astrological Baby Book, The Instant Horoscope Reader and The Instant Horoscope Predictor.

Io Interpreters are Professional report software!

All TCR programs include the automatic “Infinite Atlas” and the precision “Swiss Ephemeris”

Important Note to Professionals:

All Time Cycles Research software purchases include the individual license that permits you to sell the output you create using our software with no additional license or usage fees.