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French Monthly General Horoscope

French Monthly General Horoscope
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May 2023


Displaying the necessary stamina and applying the optimum level of effort you increase your earning capacity and are more decisive than ever; you possess the ideas and energy to make important projects happen. Your high level of activity is welcomed and you have the uncanny knack of being able to bring people together and make useful new contacts. Health-wise you make improvements, since you’re motivated by success. Take things to the limit, but no further. You like to achieve more in financial matters and have the tenacity to obtain useful information, with the corresponding talent for making profits.


You have the upper hand and are able to assert a certain level of control over events, meet deadlines and accomplish tasks without too much effort or stress. Others appreciate your efficiency and you’re more than ready to give help to people where you can. In your personal affairs you’re capable of expressing your feelings more clearly and admit to any previous mistakes. If you have the courage to talk to people, you’re admired for it and get far more back than you might imagine. Confronting new aspects of your personality; try enhancing the process by practicing some form of relaxation technique like meditation. Be careful with money and don’t be duped by promises of easy profits.


You receive the recognition you deserve and your reputation is enhanced by improvements you make to your overall outlook. Self-confidence and aptitude enable you to progress in whatever field of expertise you choose. Consider whether you actually want the extra responsibilities. In the private sphere and with your partner, the experiences you share are exhilarating and pleasurable. If single, you’re irresistible and get lots of offers. You stand a good chance of getting into a steady relationship. This positive feeling can only improve as you feel a sense of satisfaction all-round. Any fitness training you’ve been doing has definitely contributed to this. You’re making headway with regards to your finances which you’ve worked hard for. Don‘t become too greedy.


Regardless of what you‘re doing, be especially careful. You might see certain opportunities, but need to concentrate totally, otherwise the outcome may not be as successful as you expect. Carelessness is the biggest obstacle you must overcome. In terms of personal relationships, take a long look and examine your attitude, you need people you can trust as well as exchange ideas with, rather than those who agree with you. Don’t scare them off with arrogant conduct – instead be your usual friendly self. Where finance is concerned, keep a cool head; do things in moderation. Schedule your time carefully, so that you can manage everything sensibly. Include a few breaks too.


Mentally alert and curious you feel the need to expand your sphere of influence. Opportunities exist to establish links with people overseas. You may travel abroad or communicate more frequently with people from distant places and different origins than your own or may possibly develop an interest in foreign cultures and their traditions. If you’re skilled at self-promotion you’re likely to experience success through your various endeavors. Even so, you are rewarded for previous good deeds. Both body and soul have to be exercised in equal measure; combine your new experiences with physical activities. An opportunity for travel is top of your agenda. Don’t be concerned too much about the logistics, you’re easily able to put together a realistic plan for a trip.


Unable to determine the best approach to take and unsure of how to behave, everything you attempt seems to turn out differently from the way you intended. In general, circumstances quickly unravel or you find it difficult to keep everyone on your side or in fact please anybody. You’re likely to be frustrated and think people are deliberately trying to make things difficult for you. If you decide to let off steam doing some exercise or sports, take extra care to avoid unexpected stresses or strains on your body. Where finances are concerned it also looks like you want to prove something, which can lead to unexpected problems, instead, slow down a bit and consider carefully your options.


Many demands are made of you, skill and planning help you cope with the most difficult of situations or tasks. Caution is advised: before taking on too much, seek advice from someone you trust, who offers other ways of doing things and setting your priorities. It’s often helpful to see things from another point of view – the same applies for your personal affairs too. It’s far too easy for you to take your partner for granted, which often leads to problems, if you make them feel obligated to you in any way and leads to needless resentment. Avoid unwise financial speculation, you need both judgment and discrimination, don’t gamble, it sometimes turn out badly! Instead, meeting up with friends or sharing pleasurable activities with your partner is far more relaxing.


Your strategy for living is muddled and unclear. You try your best but aren’t able to accomplish very much. You then end up blaming others! In your personal life, you needlessly start discussions, merely to satisfy your ego and make you feel important. By getting involved in an exercise regime or doing some sports activity you’re able to come to terms with yourself and how you feel, as long as you’re careful about the amount of effort you expend. In money matters, don’t make the mistake of assuming your success is all down to your efforts alone. Be self-critical about your motives and restrict or cut back on your financial activities.


Somehow you have the feeling that fate is playing games and you’re rather unsettled by this. Your expectations may not be fulfilled and you sense from the comments you receive, criticism instead of well-meant advice. When you’re with your family you try to avoid conflict and clear up any misunderstandings but you may not always succeed. You try to get away from it all by doing some sports and run the risk of overexerting yourself, if you’re not extra careful. In addition you’re pushing your luck too far where finances are concerned and may possibly end up making losses. A somewhat passive attitude towards things is a more preferable and helpful option to take in the circumstances, much less forthright than you are used to behaving.


You feel rather insecure about your circumstances and less than certain about the possible outcomes. You make a real effort, but feel this isn’t appreciated or that you’re being criticized unfairly. In the private, you start off feeling joyful, sociable and in a good mood but soon become dejected and inclined to be more unsympathetic in the way you behave towards others. You must respect those people who want to support you. Normally proud of your self-control and good money sense, you feel able to pursue your ambitions even further. Don’t overdo it. This phase is far more easily dealt with when you adopt a steady determination approach which others find tolerable.


Feeling confident you take a far more relaxed view of the options available to you. Revitalized, you’re ready to try out new activities and enjoy having some different experiences. An overdue talk opens new perspectives, or you offer others assistance. You’re able to spend time with friends, family or your partner for relaxed social activities and stimulating conversation, or do things together which feed your imagination. For your well-being you need plenty of sleep and outdoor walks to improve your healthy outlook. In money matters too, sensing big opportunities approaching you intend to make progress on the financial front. Be careful not to get too carried away and exercise prudence when required.


Jupiter is behind you, giving you the energy to fly high. Use this to go for the seemingly impossible at work, by going through the procedure step by step and sticking to your ambitious plan. You long for some peace and calm in your private life, and can clear up any misunderstandings with a quiet talk straight away. Right now you want to test your limits where your physical fitness is concerned – maybe you’ll train for a competition. In financial matters you have everything under control and make the right decisions.


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