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Monthly Work Horoscope

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April 2023


You will achieve what you intended to at work. Even if you had some difficulties before you will get the upper hand now. Everything will work out just fine if you stay enthusiastic. And take advantage of your success to build up reserves for rougher times.


Jupiter and the sun bestow you with a great inner peace and sovereignty that has effects on your actions as well. You realize that you have enough time to tackle the most urgent problems. You work out the ideal solution without being hectic and don't let anyone put you off. You will be able to use your thoroughness and thoughtfulness to good effect when you work in a team and in negotiations.


You are well-positioned at work. You are on good terms with your bosses and are able to showcase yourself and your excellent achievements. As you show a high level of competence you will not have to wait long for your career to improve. However, take some time to give some thought to where you want to go. Once you have defined your ambitions you will be able to use the window of opportunity much better.


There is a great chance to improve your career. It's more important than ever that you remain concentrated so as not to mess things up before you reach your goal. Don't feel too sure of yourself, but rather check twice before presenting your work results. Be attentive and correct towards colleagues – arrogance or reluctance gives the advantage to potential competitors.


Your high level of mental flexibility makes your work a lot easier. You are extremely interested in ideas which differ from the usual ones and are able to use them in productive ways. In addition you are great in thinking in linked-up ways and are able to effectively coordinate procedures. All that makes you an excellent team leader – you should look for tasks which match your talents.


Caution is recommended with regard to your constellation of Jupiter and the sun. You probably experience a real emotional roller coaster ride at work in the coming days. The more amicable and pleasant your relations with others are one day, the less satisfying they could turn out to be the next. Try to act in a cool-headed way and pay extra attention to your choice of words.


In the coming weeks you'll be confronted with a lot of work, but with the necessary measure of organization and planning you will be able to easily manage it. It's important that you don't take on too many other things and get your priorities right. You're also spending too much money. Although you have reason to reward yourself, you shouldn't place too much value on material things.


The constellation of Jupiter and your sun is not really beneficial and your everyday life is more exhausting than usual. It can happen that you just don't have a good rapport with people. You feel misunderstood by your colleagues a lot. But also be careful not to accuse and criticize others all the time. Instead, hold a mirror up to yourself and try to get to the bottom of your own behaviour.


Currently you are full of creativity and the energy to organize things. It's time to finally start those projects that you have been planning for quite some time. The good thing is that you will only encounter very few obstacles. You have a good instinct for investments. Let the positive interaction of Jupiter and the sun guide you when making financial decisions.


Your work requires your unconditional attention and concentration at the moment. Jupiter and the sun are not in harmony – your everyday routine is a lot more exhausting and your tone is more severe than usual. Don't let yourself be ruffled by critical comments but prove that you are able to cope with a heavy workload. It is also possible that a great work opportunity arises from it.


You get along very well with your colleagues and superiors at the moment; this creates a highly pleasant working atmosphere for you. Intensify these contacts if possible, stay attentive and helpful. You will not only get a lot of praise; people will remember you and your kind behaviour in case you need the help of others sometime.


You are about to experience a period full of opportunity and optimism. If you really want to you can excel yourself. Jupiter and the sun will bolster you; even idealistic goals are within your reach now. Take it step by step and do things carefully. You have the patience and fighting spirit to see this thing through.