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English Monthly General Horoscope

English Monthly General Horoscope
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June 2023


You have the freedom to give consideration to your personal relationships. Contacts that weren’t possible previously materialize bringing useful information and on-going friendships might develop as a result. Be brave and expand your circle of friends. Perhaps someone introduces you to a new hobby which improves your levels of fitness, is also fun and enjoyable as well. Where both love and money matters are concerned you’re lucky with speculation – but it’s all about getting your timing exactly right and gauging any move you make properly.


You display great composure and inner serenity, people ask you for advice more often than usual, or just want to talk to you. When you give your help others, they appreciate the concern for their well-being you show and give you the respect you deserve. In personal life significant others feel secure in your company; you’re genuinely interested in solving problems and clearing up confusion. Here too, your conduct determines the outcome and what your future is likely to look like and be comprised of. It’s possible that a friend gives you some useful advice in financial matters, or you receive some sort of recognition in another way or from an unusual source.


Circumstances which perhaps hindered you before are finally overcome and you’re able to find it easier to reassess and evaluate your situation. You’ve more time for the significant people in your life and share some good ideas and experiences with them. Your personal life flourishes, your partner or friends find you good company, especially if you arrange a short break or outing that gets you away from the normal routine. You deserve some reward for your efforts. You relax best in the fresh air or when doing some exercise or sports activity. Motivated you become more active again. Keep a careful check on your financial resources, don’t spend any spare money all at once.


Feeling confident you take a far more relaxed view of the options available to you. Revitalized, you’re ready to try out new activities and enjoy having some different experiences. An overdue talk opens new perspectives, or you offer others assistance. You’re able to spend time with friends, family or your partner for relaxed social activities and stimulating conversation, or do things together which feed your imagination. For your well-being you need plenty of sleep and outdoor walks to improve your healthy outlook. In money matters too, sensing big opportunities approaching you intend to make progress on the financial front. Be careful not to get too carried away and exercise prudence when required.


You achieve a great deal if you practice a little more self-restraint. You’re feeling uneasy and this makes you careless with money. Even if you think you‘re able to afford it, do consider carefully before you rush into financial ventures and understand how easy it is to lose the money you have accumulated, but much harder to earn it! Show some consideration for the people you love most and let them know that you do actually care for them, rather than making others suffer as a result of your insecurities. Appreciate the consequences this kind of conduct can have – then it’s easier to control yourself. Health-wise, don’t overdo the food or stimulants.


Optimism enlivens your personality and helps to show off your positive features. Your playful sense of fun and creative flair makes you popular. Tasks are easier for you to complete, you’re able to incorporate your enthusiasm and new found energy to make a success of activities you undertake. Enjoying your leisure time activities far more, you consider trying out a new sport or think about trying a new exercise regime, now’s the time to do it. Be bold! If you feel financially secure and if can afford it, be more generous, set something new in motion, invest or buy something pleasant for yourself and your loved ones.


You feel strong and confident in your abilities, perhaps over confident and liable to exaggerate your capabilities. You reach your limit far quicker than you expect and possibly end up failing. So take things slowly and see what’s realistic, how far you can really push the limits of what’s possible. Be ready to cooperate and don’t be too outspoken, so no-one is insulted or compromised. Don’t irritate your loved ones by being arrogant or demanding. Be self-critical and work out what your own wishes and goals are. The effort you make is worthwhile. You need peaceful surroundings to do it, so make sure they are. Spend just as much time as needed in attending to your finances and investments.


Join together with others to combine your collective talents and achieve a great deal more than you can ever imagine. Without forcing your ideas and opinions on others and allowing everyone to express their opinions you ultimately find success. Together with others you turn the most difficult of challenges into reality. Listen to what others contribute and stick to your agreements. Believing in your talent you gain confidence in your ability to remain resolute about your goals and know exactly what they are and how to go about achieving them. You grow mentally and spiritually with your efforts. Don’t be seduced by material things, it’s not a suitable time for making large purchases.


Regardless of what you‘re doing, be especially careful. You might see certain opportunities, but need to concentrate totally, otherwise the outcome may not be as successful as you expect. Carelessness is the biggest obstacle you must overcome. In terms of personal relationships, take a long look and examine your attitude, you need people you can trust as well as exchange ideas with, rather than those who agree with you. Don’t scare them off with arrogant conduct – instead be your usual friendly self. Where finance is concerned, keep a cool head; do things in moderation. Schedule your time carefully, so that you can manage everything sensibly. Include a few breaks too.


Mentally alert and curious you feel the need to expand your sphere of influence. Opportunities exist to establish links with people overseas. You may travel abroad or communicate more frequently with people from distant places and different origins than your own or may possibly develop an interest in foreign cultures and their traditions. If you’re skilled at self-promotion you’re likely to experience success through your various endeavors. Even so, you are rewarded for previous good deeds. Both body and soul have to be exercised in equal measure; combine your new experiences with physical activities. An opportunity for travel is top of your agenda. Don’t be concerned too much about the logistics, you’re easily able to put together a realistic plan for a trip.


Unable to determine the best approach to take and unsure of how to behave, everything you attempt seems to turn out differently from the way you intended. In general, circumstances quickly unravel or you find it difficult to keep everyone on your side or in fact please anybody. You’re likely to be frustrated and think people are deliberately trying to make things difficult for you. If you decide to let off steam doing some exercise or sports, take extra care to avoid unexpected stresses or strains on your body. Where finances are concerned it also looks like you want to prove something, which can lead to unexpected problems, instead, slow down a bit and consider carefully your options.


Confident of success, you let others know you want to proceed in a calm and considered way. You receive some well-deserved praise, start a project or are about to begin some enjoyable, inspiring activities with friends or your partner. Where sports are concerned, team activities motivate you most – the success of the group means more to you than winning as an individual. You’re often too generous with your money because financially you feel secure. Where cash is concerned, spend wisely and in moderation.


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