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22 June 2023


Your views or work will be examined. Be patient and you'll survive without lasting damage. You could learn something.


Make your position clear and abandon your usual approach. Be open in order to avoid obstacles but don't push too hard.


Your social circle is exceptional and easy-going. Use this to improve social ties so you are prepared for worse times.


Implement long-held plans and start something new. You radiate confidence and enthusiasm, but be appreciative of help.


You will be welcomed and easily accepted. Return this love and you will meet life-long friends, perhaps even 'the one'.


Colleagues are reacting positively towards you. Take on difficult challenges and your team dynamic will enjoy success.


You are surrounded by obstacles. Remain laid-back - these challenges just serve to make the journey more interesting.


Projects work out well and others admire your drive and proficiency. Return this admiration; do not become egotistical.


You goal is further from your grasp. Maybe all is not what it first seems but think about this: the journey is the goal.


You pursue goals with energy but try to be restrained. Prepare for upcoming tasks which may require further sacrifice.


You will encounter difficult challenges. Maybe someone is working against you. Deal with these obstacles appropriately.


You are physically and mentally balanced and encounter little outside interference. You can fulfil your heart's desire.


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