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Astrology Software

Astrology software chartwheels, calculations Astrology software to produce astrology charts and interpretaion reports form your PC

Personal Astrology Software – PCA Argus (aka Electric Ephemeris)

Astrology software Lotus Chartwheel

Updated version of original Electric Ephemeris editable astrology report sfor oftware astrologe and students of astrology. Astrological Charts plus Editing – Write Your Own Astrology interpretations – Personal Computer Astrology – PCA Argus is the tool for the astrology  student – produce  charts, graphs, tables and interpretations for your astrological studies.

Edit and design your own Astrology report interpretations.

Output interpretations to – print – view – save to file – for editing. Select planets, aspects and orbs – Include/exclude astrological headings in interpretation. Up to 11 astrology reports you can license to sell. With delivery by email or prinnnnnt versions you can mail to your clients. The readings are perfect original gifts.
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Solar Fire Gold – New V9

Solar FireSolar Fire Gold New V9 – includes Solar Maps Free!

Solar Fire has been continually tested, polished, refined and elaborated since its debut in 1992. Resulting in amazing power that covers virtually any astrological need with a unique degree of reliability and simplicity.


Vedic Astrology Software for the Mac or PC – Parashara’s Light

Astrology Software Prashara Light
What makes “Parashara’s Light” the Ultimate Jyotish Software? Full Features List

Congratulations, you just found the best Vedic Astrology Program available! Parashara’s Light 7.0 is based on the most accurate calculations available. It has been under thorough research and development longer than any other Vedic Astrology software. Almost every well known Vedic Astrolger in the USA has told us that our software is their favorite program.

New Vedic Astrology. Available for Mac and PC.  Click here to view details


 Web Astrology Software

Online distribution of horoscope/astrology readings as both free and paid for content – using our ready made  online deleivery system for white label content – as well as easy to access web services for implementation of your mobile or social media apps.