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Weekly Pet Horoscope

Weekly Pet Horoscope

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Weekly Pet horoscope

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Weekly Pet Horoscope


Week beginning 19 August 2019


I am feeling so full of energy last week that even to me, it is clear that something has changed, almost overnight. I may appear to be a lot more restless, as though I can't sit still, even if I wanted to. This is on top of a fun energy that I am still embracing, with anything that involves play and movement top of my list of favourite things to do this week. With the solar spotlight shifting onto my health needs by the weekend, becoming more physically active has to be good for my mental and physical wellbeing.


Even though home is still where my heart is and that will remain the case all week, the more territorial side of this is already starting to wane. I will still be ready to jump in and defend my territory when I need to but I am no longer 'on guard' 24/7, as I have been over recent months. This week I am a lot more interested in having fun and would rather be playing than acting as gatekeeper.


A shift in the closing hours of the weekend has seen me wake up on Monday feeling a lot more territorial and yes, this is literally a shift that has taken place overnight. As the week progresses, home and family will become more and more where my heart is, but it begins with a territorial drive that I haven't experienced in a long time. All of a sudden I am the gatekeeper and I am ready to defend my territory, my home and my family.


While I am usually the quiet, silent type, be warned this is about to go out the window and there will be signs of this on Monday. What begins as an urge to either be heard or just to make noise because I can, by midweek will have grown into a full blown love affair with the sound of my own voice. Expect me to become a lot louder and I am sorry to say, this will only increase over the coming weeks. I am more likely to keep this under control if I feel listened to or heard.


With the Sun leaving Leo on Friday this means that my birthday month is coming to a close. And if you expect me to milk this and expect the royal treatment you will be 100 per cent right. My birthday only comes around once a year, so what better time to pamper me with treats and attention. Yet just as important are the healthy intentions and resolutions that I need you to make on my behalf.


Even though I am usually lethargic in the weeks and especially the days leading up to my birthday month, even ahead of the Sun's return to Virgo on Friday I am already fighting this. I will still need to take myself off for a nap when I feel my energy levels lagging, in between I am experiencing an energy burst not felt in a long time. By the time my birthday month begins there will be no stopping me. My birthday month will be underway by the weekend.


I am being drawn in two directions, as though the stars were having a game of 'tug of war' but instead of a rope, they are pulling on me. To start with, there is a pull towards the more lethargic side, but then the pull from the social side is stronger. I might feel a need for time out but it won't be long before I miss being in the centre of things. However, as the week progresses the social pull will weaken and the lethargic pull will strengthen, becoming the more dominant by the weekend.


While I enjoy slipping into my dark and mysterious persona whenever I can, enjoying playing it cool and having others guessing at what I might be thinking. This can make me standoffish but something is coming over me this week that is taking all that away. This is something that has literally happened overnight, waking up on Monday to find that I crave company. This will only increase as the week progresses.


Oh dear, be warned, I am feeling especially competitive this week and it is something I am embracing with a vengeance. It is not that I can even turn this on or off, becoming just as stubborn with the things that really don't matter as I am with the things I care about. A win is a win as far as I am concerned and any time I can feel a battle of wills starting to take hold, this will have me in its grasp. This makes it important to pick your battles wisely but also to keep me happy by letting me win sometimes. At the end of the day, it is the win and not what I am standing my ground over that matters.


You know me, they don't call me 'Mr' or 'Ms' predictable for nothing, with 'common sense' my middle name. I will always have my feet on the ground, taking a stoic approach to life. Well that was until now, with a new passion for adventure running through my veins when I wake up on Monday morning. This wasn't there last week nor was it there over the weekend. It might be a case of Mondayitis but as the week progresses and a need for adventure only increases, that theory will be disproved.


As the week progresses I will slowly regain some of my independence and will no longer be sticking to you like glue, as I have over recent weeks. To start with this is just a slight shift but as the week progresses you might be seeing less and less of me. It is not that I don't love you anymore and more that my natural free spirited nature is returning. I will be happy when we get to hang out together but will be just as happy to go off and do my own thing.


I still have just as much energy this week, but gradually waning is a restlessness that came from an almost obsessive need to be moving. Chances are it was making you tired just watching me pace, chase my tail or do whatever I could to keep moving. That obsessive need for speed is waning, only to be replaced by a new obsession. That new obsession is you, with a sense of curiosity or just a need to be close to you increasing as the week progresses, as I spend more and more time at your side or under your feet.


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