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Weekly Pet Horoscope

Weekly Pet Horoscope

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Weekly Pet horoscope

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Weekly Pet Horoscope


Week beginning 11 November 2019


While I am not usually a fan of Full Moons, this week's Full Moon is more likely to fuel my confidence and if anything, make me a bit cocky. While part of this might be false bravado, not wanting to admit that this is rattling my nerves, part of it comes from the fact that this really will make me feel more confident. However, as I am likely to flip flop between the two, I might need some extra reassurance or tolerance in the early part of the week.


This week's Full Moon is a Taurus Moon and therefore will hit close to home for me, in a way that could be a mixed blessing. This means that I am more likely to be impacted by this Full Moon that I normally would and in the early part of the week, this might rattle my nerves and make me feel more jumpy. Yet by midweek I will be feeling more of its empowering influence, with my bravery levels dropping before escalating to a higher point than they were before.


I might appear to be more lethargic in the early part of the week but this is more the impact from stronger than normal nostalgic lunar vibes. These come around once every four weeks and tend to draw me towards spending more time daydreaming. This month this comes as a Full Moon, so their pull on me will be stronger. Maybe it is a case of enjoying a bit of peace and quiet for a few days, because by midweek I will have snapped out of this.


Because I was born under the Moon ruled sign of Cancer, Full Moons will always have a stronger impact on me, though in different ways. This week's Full Moon has a socially charged energy that I will find exciting, leading me to want company, while getting an increased charge when I do. For the most part I am more of a homebody this week, but in the early part of the week, when the Full Moon is in effect, I will want to mix and mingle.


I might dig my heels in a little more than I usually do this week, especially in the first three days of the week. This is when the impact from this week's Full Moon and its competitive influence on me will be at its peak. In saying that, I am always ready to dig my heels in so you might not notice the difference, especially if you pick your battles wisely. It is where there is an opportunity for a battle of wills that this will become apparent.


Because I am already feeling a lot more confident and that is making me a lot braver than I normally am, I am better able to embrace this week's adventurous Full Moon. It is during the early part of the week that this will have its greatest impact, fuelling a sense of wanderlust and sending my curiosity levels into overdrive. However, this will have a ripple effect, triggering a playful energy that I will continue to embody for the rest of the week.


There might be times during the week when I exhibit a sense of urgency that borders on the manic, as if I am too impatient to wait for anything and need to throw myself into anything that might draw my attention at the time. Where I would normally hold back and observe a situation I will jump in, leading to situations where I might need your help. I may have run off to follow where my curiosity has suddenly led me, only to realise that I may have ventured too far. In other words, assume that I have no common sense or caution.


The last full week of my birthday month means that we are running out of time or at least that is what I would like you to think. In reality, my birthday month doesn't end until later next week and even then, it is never too late to give me the royal treatment. While I will remain open to treats and special attention all year round, it is during my birthday month that you are able to make the healthy intentions and resolutions on my behalf, that I can't.


Even though I am full of energy and enthusiasm, there is a chance that this week's Full Moon might have a temporary impact on my vitality. In the lead up to the beginning of my birthday month next week, this is always a point in any year when I need to spend more time resting and napping. While this is mostly because my imagination is more vivid and I want to spend time daydreaming, a Full Moon at the start of the week could put a drain on this. Let me sleep this out, knowing I will be back to my old self by midweek.


While I am not usually impacted by Full Moons one way or the other, being far too cool, calm and collected for that, there is something about this week's Full Moon that I am loving. This will mainly have an impact in the early part of the week but this could be something that I want to hold onto. It is the fact that these are playful lunar vibes that will prove infectious, reminding me that I like to play.


For me, this week has the perfect mix of conditions, though it might be a different story for you. There is a sense of wanderlust and curiosity in the air that is speaking directly to my inner free spirit. However, what gives this an edge is that there are forces that are not only making me more cunning but also more determined. This will make it harder to ignore where a sense of wanderlust and curiosity are drawing me and also harder for what common sense that I do have to prevail.


There will be no sitting on the fence for me this week, as I know what I want and when I want it. This combined with a sense of adventure in the air is making me more spontaneous, while more open to change and variety. While it is normally routine that makes me feel safe and secure, I am looking for variety this week. I am even ready to try new foods, though there will be no doubt whether I like it or not.


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