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Weekly Fashion horoscope

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Weekly Fashion Horoscope


Week beginning 11 November 2019


Venus, the planet of beauty is coming into her own as she reaches the halfway point in her short visit to an adventurous part of your chart. Knowing that things will take a more professional turn in just a few weeks' time, Venus is now more focused on fuelling a desire for adventure in your life and your wardrobe. This is the perfect time to declare war on a fashion rut.


A Full Moon in Taurus this week could spark a sense of rebellion, as you answer the call to take your personal power back. This is always a wakeup call at the halfway point in any solar year, reminding you of the intentions made during your birthday month and with it, a chance to push the 'reset' button. The difference this time is that it comes when the fashion gods are already fuelling a desire for change.


For the whole time that Venus, the planet of beauty is in Sagittarius she will be challenging you to be true to yourself. Sagittarius is your opposing sign but this also puts Venus on the other side of the sky, halfway between her last visit to Gemini and the next. The Moon's return to Gemini on Wednesday will enhance a sense of rebellion, especially when it comes to expressing your individuality.


In a week when work/life balance and knowing when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off could be an issue, you have the fashion gods in the right place at the right time. Their focus right now and especially Venus, the planet of beauty's focus, is on giving you an intuitive read on not only what to wear and when on the job front but on organisation.


Because Venus, the planet of beauty is only in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart for another two weeks, she is working hard to make this count. Venus is fuelling a desire for more fun and colour in your life and your wardrobe and she has a growing army of support that can help turn desires into reality. With the festive season ahead but also busier times, this is something to be embraced.


While the fashion gods themselves are taking a more practical approach to fashion this week, going for low maintenance and on what will produce maximum impact for the least effort, there is a sense of adventure in the air. An adventurous Full Moon will dominate the early part of the week and as this will speak directly to planets in a playful part of your chart, this could spark a desire for more fun, colour and adventure in your life and your wardrobe.


This is a week where a sense of personal rebellion could make its way into your wardrobe. While the fashion gods themselves are more focused on taking a smart approach to fashion, as he spends his last full week in Libra, Mars is fuelling your passions, fighting spirit and a quest for independence. While you might not go as far as the shock factor, fighting for your right to express yourself authentically will influence your fashion decisions.


The last full week of your birthday month has its share of opportunities and challenges. Yet a Full Moon is always the most challenging point of any birthday month, when your intentions and willingness to take your power back is challenged, it comes when there is a very real chance to take your power back. This is already expressing itself on the fashion front, where the fashion gods are already fuelling your confidence and a need for individuality.


Having Venus, the planet of beauty in Sagittarius before your birthday month and new solar year begins next week, is giving your heart a head start in more ways than one. While this is giving Venus a chance to update a new look for your new solar year before it even begins, she is also allowing you to express the real you. This is less about a new look and more a return to the look that expresses your individuality.


Having Venus, the planet of beauty in a nostalgic part of your chart is a chance that you get at least once a year to take a nostalgic trip down fashion's memory lane. Yet while you didn't get that chance at all in 2018 and won't in 2020 either, this is your second chance this year and with it a need to make it count. It is Venus' return to Capricorn later in the month that will bring the focus onto something new.


Having Venus in a social and serendipitous part of your chart is putting the fashion focus onto those times when you are meeting up with friends or on personal and professional networking. This is less about feeling that you have to dress to impress and more about the fashion gods giving you an intuitive sense of when it matters and also of what is right for each occasion. This makes it important to be more spontaneous, rather than plan in advance.


While the Sun is still keeping the focus on all things adventurous, the fashion gods have already turned their focus onto your professional image. However, this is giving you the best of both worlds. It was less than two weeks ago that Venus finished fuelling a desire for more adventure in your life and your wardrobe and while the planet of beauty has moved on, the Sun is here, helping to turn desires into reality.


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