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Daily Money Astro Horoscope

Daily Money Astro Horoscope
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Daily Money Astro Horoscope


13 November 2019


Just weeks away from the start of the most anticipated and exciting surge in new activity on the career front in over a decade, a Full Moon in your income sector is both providing the potential for a breakthrough and a boost in motivation. In the Moon's final hours, a friendly aspect to the planets already in your career sector is providing them with a lucrative sense of direction.


The Moon's return to your income sector just hours after wrapping up a Full Moon in Taurus will give income matters all the benefits of a Full Moon but none of the challenges. The Moon returns during Mars' last full week in your work sector and in time to give the warrior planet of the cosmos a better sense of where the money is.


The same Full Moon that might be creating some work tension or job pressure as it puts knowing when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off to the test, is good news for money matters. A friendly aspect to Pluto in your financial sector before leaving an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart today, will not only boost your financial confidence but potentially a sense of rebellion as well.


Now in her final two weeks in your work sector, Venus knows that where she leads work and job potential as well as the money will follow. Still 12 days away from a powerful alignment with lucky Jupiter, Venus is on a mission to fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction.


The Moon's first visit to your career sector since the last planet left your income sector last week was always going to be a chance to regroup. With all the income information and momentum needed banked, as a Full Moon the Moon has been able to energise forces across the job and carer fronts, who will take it from here.


It was the Moon's passage through your financial sector over the weekend and opposition to Mars, just as he was already under pressure, that may have seen the week begin with financial tension just starting to drop back. Just two days later, it is a different story as the Moon returns to your career sector, with a better chance to turn this into motivation during Mars' final days in your income sector.


Until leaving your financial sector today, bringing the Full Moon here to a close, there could be strong emotional responses and reactions to money matters, as well as the potential for financial tension. Yet this is already turning into motivation on the income front, where pressure from the Moon has come just as you are starting to appreciate just how much potential there is.


Returning to your financial sector on the backend of a Full Moon, the Moon returns with all the advantages and none of the disadvantages of a Full Moon. It will be over the coming days that the Moon will take a deeper dive in your financial instincts and imagination, just as you are heading into the most potentially lucrative point in the year.


While a Full Moon on the job front may be creating strong emotional responses there, this has been good news for the planets in your income sector. It is the Moon's friendly aspect to Pluto on the income front today, just 13 days before the most lucrative part of 2019 begins, that can energise things across the income and job fronts.


Knowing that planetary activity on the income front that normally begins in the New Year will, in fact, begin this side of Christmas, make Mars' last full week in your career sector even more important. As the Moon approaches your work sector, there is a growing sense of urgency but also support for getting your professional ducks in a row.


As dreamy Neptune moves into his final weeks in retrograde motion in your income sector he is slowing to a crawl as he prepares for a U turn later this month. While this may be blocking any forward movement on the income front for now, with Mercury also in retrograde motion in your career sector this is a chance to look back, making sure no old stones have been left unturned.


It was over the weekend that Mars, now in his last full week in your financial sector, faced his final hurdle but also the last real firing up of your warrior spirit. When Mars leaves early next week he won't return until 2021, with a growing sense of urgency and confidence when it comes to the fight to take your financial power back.


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