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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscope
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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscope


Week beginning 19 August 2019


Paperwork, research, documentation and reading may all pose special challenges right now. Take your time, and don't allow yourself to be pressured into making snap decisions before all the information is in. Drive carefully, there may be delays or detours right now.


There are strange calls, letters, emails and faxes right now, some of them from or concerning your spouse or partner. If you are single, there are opportunities for you to meet new people, but the people you will attract will be nothing if not eccentric.


I guess you are determined to beat your head against the family brick wall, huh? Well, in some cases that may be necessary. You may have to deal with someone who just plain isn't being reasonable. But in a lot of cases it's going to be you who is the stubborn one.


You could meet someone interesting right now, but if you are single, and in search of a partner, do be careful that you don't end up bringing home someone with "excess baggage". You may find yourself attracted to someone in the healing profession, or someone with medical needs.


You may come across as stern, serious or depressed right now. You may tend to be serious, and your partner could misinterpret this as judgement of them. Make sure you let your loved ones know how you feel. You may find out that they are far more understanding than you expected.


Good news is coming your way that will brighten your working conditions or improve your overall health. Your intuition may lead you to a solution to a problem concerning contaminants in the workplace that are leading to problems with everyone's well being.


A little bit here and a little bit there can really add up, for better or worse. You do not have to make huge changes to make a big difference. A simple commitment to do a little better over time can have a gigantic impact on any area of life where you want improvement.


You need to spend a little selfish time right now, to focus on your own needs, worries and concerns, or on the needs of your significant other, who comes through as a little confused or insecure. If you are single, you could meet someone special at a bookstore or library.


Your intuition is telling you that the social invitation you have received recently carries some strings attached. You may be expected to deliver something that you don't have full control over. If you suspect you are being bought or manipulated, back out while you still can.


If you are a parent, you may investigate educational investments right now, but don't buy in just yet. You may find that you are frustrated by your need to express yourself creatively in a somewhat expensive hobby or recreational pass time.


There is a wonderful opportunity for you to radically transform your relationship, or your attitude towards relationships right now. You may find that you are becoming more serious about the future, and your role as a partner in the next while.


The "little talk" you'll have to have right now will be about money, budgets, and family values. Your little family unit is spending way too much money right now. You have to pull back, and no-one will be happy about it. Deferred gratification brings blessings!


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