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Daily Career Astro Horoscope

Daily Career Astro Horoscope
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13 November 2019


As much as a Full Moon in your income sector is more a financial event, this is helping to both boost your professional confidence and add to a growing sense of anticipation. It is the Moon's friendly aspect to Pluto in your career sector that builds on from its friendly aspect to Saturn there yesterday. This is helping to shake the tree on the income front, just weeks before a major professional reboot.


For Mars, a clash with planets on the other side of the sky over the weekend has been just what he needed. Now in his last full week in your work sector and then not to return until 2021, hold onto where this has fired up your work passions, fighting and competitive spirit. Mars' mission is to leave you with something to fight for.


As much as the Sun and Mercury are both under pressure from a Full Moon in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, there isn't the urgency on the job front that you would normally expect at this time of year. While the Sun will leave your work sector in 10 days' time, with Mercury in retrograde motion here, any calls from the Moon to work smarter are unlikely to be challenged.


A friendly aspect to Pallas, in her first full week in your work sector and Chiron, in retrograde motion in your career sector isn't a major event. However, while these are minor players, major players on both fronts can build on the boost in job and career confidence this can create.


Until the Moon leaves your career sector and wraps up the Full Moon there, the pressure is likely to be on, because this is what its job is. With Uranus in retrograde motion here but major new developments on the job front in just a few weeks' time, a clash with the Sun is creating the pressure needed to shake things up.


In the lead up to the Moon's return to your career sector today there will always be a need to keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground but your mind and your options open. It is over the coming days that, apart from fuelling your professional instincts and imagination, the Moon will support Mars, as he fights to fire up your motivation on the income front.


While forces on the job and career fronts are on hand to support the Sun and Mercury, as they come under pressure today's financially charged Full Moon, they themselves aren't caught up in this. Emerging from their alignment in your income sector yesterday, the Sun and Mercury are using that support to turn any financial tension into motivation.


It was just two days that Chiron was one of two planets in your work sector under pressure, with a friendly aspect to Pallas in her early days in your income sector helping with the process of turning any tension into motivation. While these are only minor players, they are able to send a boost in income and job matters up the chain.


A Full Moon on the job front is always going to energise things, though at the time the fog of war thrown up by strong emotional responses can make it hard to appreciate the implications. A clash with the Sun could create work tension or job pressure, as during the wind down of your old solar year he fights to keep your work hat off. There is a lot of information coming at you, but plenty of time to process it, once the Moon is gone.


Mars faces no more hurdles during his remaining six days in your career sector and if anything, the Moon's return to your work sector will see the conditions improve dramatically. Yet it was Mars' clash with planets on the other side of the sky over the weekend that has fuelled your warrior spirit, giving you a better sense of where to channel your passions, drives and competitive spirit.


If it feels like Full Moon energy has been building for days it has, with the pressure not really coming off the Sun and Mercury in your career sector, until the Moon leaves your home and family sector today. This is the annual clash between your home and professional lives, which is key to updating your work/life balance needs.


It will be another 12 days before Venus will finally align with lucky Jupiter in your career sector as she is only here for another 13 days, she is literally saving the best until last. Yet each day that passes will see the two draw closer and this should not only see your professional confidence rise exponentially but the potential for professional opportunities and growth as well.


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