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24 February 2020


If you have an interview, then this is about the only activity you might consider is enhanced by your preoccupation with your appearance, but this combined with your heightened aesthetic sensibility doesn't improve your approach to problems much. Avoiding even everyday jobs, you find it difficult to evaluate tasks.


Your hectic work life settles down, although it doesn't happen instantly, you already feel how any pressure or tension that may have existed between you and your colleagues is diminished. You're able to move on from previous mix-ups or confusion, and you realize that previous disputes are easily resolved.


If you felt uncomfortable and confused appearing unnecessarily wound up and moody towards colleagues, your unusually poor attitude might be a contributory factor. Avoid blaming your colleagues for your anger, but rather examine the cause for your poor attitude, regain your composure and normal good-natured approach.


You effortlessly undertake all instructions and challenges you're given, gaining credit and acknowledgment for all the abilities you exhibit. Attempt if possible to carry out new projects with the team you've selected. You get along wonderfully well with them and inevitably can make progress together.


Even if you feel constrained, you still undertake any challenging task efficiently. Your colleagues are impressed with your structured, straight-forward approach as well as by the way you competently take control of tasks, using a well thought out strategy you're able to explain everything to everybody who needs to know.


Whenever possible, you're in control of situations. You concentrate on your tasks to the exclusion of colleagues and by not considering them in your plans risk a build-up of resentment between you. Recognize what others contribute and how they want to be valued and appreciated in the same way as you do.


If you're under unnecessary stress or confusion creates a knock-on effect with your colleagues, find the cause of disruptive factors and try to defuse the unsettling atmosphere. Hold back a bit with your demands, which may be perceived as unreasonable and foolhardy in the current circumstances.


Your enthusiasm and good-natured attitude help you make progress with tasks requiring your attention. Your expert approach demonstrates an understanding of the most difficult problems confronting you. You're able to show authority in overcoming any of these difficulties; work colleagues admire your thoroughness.


Work provides you with a sense of achievement, especially if you're involved in communicating your ideas. You're able to take full advantage of situations that arise and exploit them in the most advantageous way. Guiding a group or team competently you negotiate reliably with others, and get the best possible deal.


Be mindful of a propensity towards unreliability. You easily forget about agreements, break promises, turn up late for appointments or even fail to appear. You need to implement some discipline to the way you approach work, develop a plan and stick to it, otherwise, problems result. If all else fails, take the day off.


You feel confident, putting forward detailed proposals together with a request for funding of your suggestions which are met with a positive response. You conduct yourself in a composed business-like manner that impresses others, especially those who may have a beneficial influence on your career prospects.


You feel like a change and seriously consider your working environment. In the meantime, to satisfy this urge, you opt instead to introduce some unusual ideas to your colleagues. Your reliability and consistency reassure them, and they're keen to help develop your new concepts and readily accept your suggestions.


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