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Daily Love Chatty Horoscope

Daily Love Chatty Horoscope
Daily Love Chatty horoscopes are written by top astrologer Jeff Prince. Written in a style that is easy to read and often thought provoking. Horoscopes are bound to keep your visitors returning to your web site or app on a regular basis.

History of Daily Love Chatty Horoscopes

The Sunday Express began printing a regular weekly column written by a professional astrologer named R.H Naylor. Having achieved notoriety through accurately predicting the crash of an airship, public interest in astrology quickly soared. It escalated further soon after, when Naylor wrote an article entitled ‘What the Stars Foretell‘ for the interest of Express readers. This was very successful and served to ensure the inclusion of astrological forecasts in most printed media forever after.”

 Sun Signs and your Daily Love Chatty Horoscope

“However, there was one tiny issue that needed to be addressed if the Express was going to expand upon this success. It was keen to give readers what they wanted because happy readers meant more papers got sold. But in order to give readers detailed forecasts based on their birth details – particularly their Moon sign details – the Express would have had to publish several pages of tables to allow readers to look up their Moon sign. This was not feasible, so it was decided that Sun sign forecasts would be included instead. Apart from saving time, space and money, it was noticed that the Sun follows the same path month on month, year on year. Therefore, it was considered more practical to print twelve forecasts instead of thousands! ” Jeff Prince

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25 August 2019


Is a romantic or relationship agreement something you see as unfair or maybe even inappropriate? You could feel it's necessary to stand your ground or uphold a matter of principle. However, applying too much focus to either or both could cause you to fail to see the benefits of being more supportive or cooperative. Don't convince yourself that what was discussed doesn't have your best interests at heart. It does.


An increased level of comfort, sensuality and good, old-fashion romance could be felt with Venus influencing love and self-expression. By feeling more at ease with yourself, you can help bring a delightful development in your emotional world. If a loved one has seen you as aloof or difficult to communicate with recently, then they're bound to be appreciative of the congenial, supportive and delightfully sensual vibe you emit now!


If you take a tense situation in your emotional world at face value, then you could convince yourself that you have been integral to creating it. However, it could be something in another area of a loved one's world that affects your connection. If you sense tension escalating, then be supportive and, above all, sensitive. Taking the high road in such ways will ensure that any potentially heated exchange heads down a much more comfortable avenue.


Where you might normally be gung-ho to indulge a spontaneous romantic whim, you could feel it's necessary to put the brakes on and see an idea or suggestion sensibly or realistically. Although a point you make is likely inarguable and needs to be considered, you could be seen by a loved one to be raining on their parade. You know you're not being a proverbial stick in the mud for the sake of it. Your hesitancy or objections are based on logic, and, in time, a loved one will accept this.


Conversations or discussions in your love life could surround feathering your nest or enhancing financial security in some way. Some Leos could be inspired by the idea of launching a business with a loved one. Others might believe the time has come to finally set up a joint bank account. Either way, putting your heads together in a business-like or money-oriented way could be the catalyst for strengthening a connection wonderfully.


If you find yourself fascinated with or intrigued by unfamiliar romantic relationship territory beckoning on the horizon, then there can be many sexy benefits to exploring what captures your imagination. This is a time to identify comfort zones that have had their day and take at least one bold step into the unknown. You could also be surprised what a bit of willingness to experiment or try what you've been quick to miss dismiss brings.


A tug-of-war could exist between your head and heart at this time, especially if your head encourages you to keep certain cards close to your chest but your heart urges you to say what needs to be said. What about your reasons for wanting to say nothing? Are they based on fear? Rejection? Both? The more you rehearse in your mind what you want to say, the more you could discover that what emerges is completely different – but probably a big improvement on what you planned to say!


It could be easy to get caught up in romantic or relationship reverie and overlook the need to view a certain scenario realistically. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll feel in any way deflated. If anything, there can be something inspiring and potentially thrilling to know that a future destination in your love life is very much on track. Although perfection is an illusion, you could feel that something connected with matters of the heart is as perfect as it could be, now or shortly.


You could emit a very approachable vibe at this time, and this can have a delightful knock-on effect to your love life. Regardless of your relationship status, you could be very much the kind of company a special person wants to keep. It's also possible that you could be an ideal confidante, and what someone close has to say could be intriguing. The more relaxed you come across, the easier it will be for others or someone special to do the same.


You could sense that a loved one or a potential partner has needs or possibly expectations that they're not making clear to you. This could cause you to feel as if the proverbial ball is left in your court, and the object of your affections might hope you'll take the initiative without being asked. However, your keenness to maintain a particular equilibrium could have more to do with not wanting to rush into or disrupt what, to you, feels stable. Don't let that stop you from making a gesture that you know will touch someone's heart.


It's understandable that you want to see more signs of appreciation from someone before supporting them further. You're probably not asking for praise or applause, but there could, in your mind, be something too comfortable about an imbalance that exists in a relationship. You probably don't mind feeling so essential to someone's world, but a heartfelt gesture of appreciation from them now and again wouldn't go amiss. That might be something you start to see more of shortly.


Your thought processes could be unusual and unorthodox this time, and once they become fuelled with imagination, there's no telling what you could come up with! You could succumb to more spontaneous whims than you might normally. With Venus influencing partnerships and commitments, any plans involvng you and your sweetheart indulging in luxury might require you to apply financial restraint and monetary self-discipline. Spoiling the one you love could be sexy and thrilling on one level but break the bank on another!


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